Friday, July 13, 2007


I am bored. And a bit lonely, too. Bil's car is in the shop to get new brakes, so I am home alone with the kids with no car. And have I mentioned that I am bored? We have kept relatively busy this week. We went to the Nature Center here in town on Tues. and had speech therapy three times throughout the week (danny, not me, although there are days I could probably use it myself). Yesterday we went to the park, but still I am stir-crazy. Maybe it is because I have not had an extended face-to-face conversation with an adult since about Tuesday. Yes, I have talked to my husband since then, but not much. He has been gone for Church stuff and when he does get home, he usually has work to do. Plus, I'm sorry but the conversations that go, "Can you give the kids a bath while I clean the kitchen?" don't really count as in-depth, intellectually stimulating conversation, per se.

I know there are bigger problems out there, but right now this loneliness is almost oppressive. I so wish I had someone I felt totally comfortable with here who I could call and demand some company. Alas, most of my friends here are pretty busy and I still have yet to find a realy soul mate. (I know that sounds so Anne of Green Gables, but really who doesn't want a friend they can tell everything to?) Why do all my favorite, closest friends live so far away?

Sometimes I worry there is something wrong with me (ok, let's be honest here, I worry about that pretty regularly). It seems so much harder to make friends once you are out of college and no longer single. Is there an end in sight? Or is the best conversation I am destined to have going to be about Blue's Clues?


Amy Jane said...


I'm gonna get a little tough love on you here. Quit moping and pick up the phone! If you're going to find a soul mate, it has to start somewhere, and you have to reach out. Call Laura H. - I'm sure she'd love to hear from you. Or, even though I can't come over, you can always call me - I'm just a phone call away at all times. Don't forget that! I know how hard it is - believe me. For what it's worth, I miss you terribly. You're the best girlfriend I have.


Ellie B. said...

Hey Peppermint Patty!
I am sitting in the Delta Crown Room in Salt Lake City in-between flights and finally checked out your blog. Pretty colors!
I miss you and Kim and Deb so much! You are so right about it being hard to find soul mates. There are tons of nice people out there and Will and I go out with friends, but I haven't found anyone in Dallas yet whom I would just feel comfortable calling to go shopping with. Your friend Amy is totally right, though - we both need to! :)

beckbot said...

Pasha, I feel for you, lovey! We've talked about it before, and it really stinks that being a mom somehow cuts you off from deep-down friendship like we all had in college, etc. I've wondered if it's just me, also. I'd love to have someone to hang out with on a regular basis (preferably someone with whom I have lots in common... Patty comes to mind) but people do seem pretty busy with kids and housework. I actually got a "laundry day" excuse once when I invited someone to IKEA! Laundry over IKEA... I'll never understand that one.

elizabetsy said...

Shop on ebay it will kill hours of time that you should have been doing laundry, dishes, changing diapers, and general cleaning up...but atleast you found a great stamp set for only $2...oh wait that was me. I feel your pain... Keep your chin up. It must be either really hot or rainy in Effingham...Talk to you soon. Sounds like you just need a good date night with the hubby.