Sunday, July 8, 2007

Church functions can be hazardous to your diet

I just returned from a baptism for a girl in my branch. Afterwards there were of course refreshments. There are ALWAYS refreshments at church functions, at least at Mormon functions. You should have seen this spread: 3 different trifles, plates of cookies, cupcakes and bars, mini-cheesecakes, a large platter of fruit, the list goes on. It was soooo tempting and it finally made me realize the real reason I have been faltering on my diet lately. Church!!! Every Enrichment meeting, baptism, and branch party has food and loads of it. And this food is calorie and fat-laden and is absolutely delicious. No wonder I can't lose weight. I can blame the LDS church for all my diet woes, at least for the years since I joined the church. You would think a church that teaches moderation would be more mindful of preparing healthful refreshments.

It gives you something to think about. But right now, I have to go make some food for this week's church book club. I am going to make my hotfudge cheesecake. Because really, who would eat the food if I brought carrot sticks?

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