Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Want a Timeout!

Have you ever had one o fthose days with your kids where they do something totally unexpected and slightly embarrassing? Well, I have had several. Let me preface this story with some information for those of you who don't know my four-year-old son very well. Danny has delayed speech and has been receiving Speech Therapy for 2 years or so now. He is coming along really well, as you will be able to see from this story.

Last week we went to my moms playgroup and Danny was loving playing at the park. At one point, though, he was on a platform on the jungle gym and a boy on the platform below him, started pulling Danny's leg. I don't know if he was trying to get Danny's attention or what. Well, Danny kicked out and landed a hard kick to this kid's face--he even left a red welt on the poor kid's face. I was mortified. Of course, I gave Danny a timeout (I wasn't sure if he kicked the kid on purpose or was just trying to get him to quit pulling his leg, but I figured I should be safe. And we are trying so hard to teach him that there are alternatives to pushing, etc.)

So, after the timeout, I said, "OK, now you have to say you're sorry to Max." We got to the kid and his mother (a woman who I would really like to be friends with, by the way) and I told Danny that if he didn't apologize to the kid, he would have another timeout. Danny said, loudly and clearly, "I want a timeout."

Embarrassing as it is, I was actually quite impressed with his speech. Normally when he is upset, he is less than articulate, but in this case he told me exactly what he wanted. I was a bit embarrassed, but I am so glad he is finally learning to use language to express his needs!


Amy Jane said...


I feel your pain, but also applaud Danny!! Whoo hoo! And knowing Laura, I'm sure she understood and didn't judge you at all.


elizabetsy said...

In his case I would probly have opted for a time out too. Although I do love quite time ....