Sunday, July 29, 2007

Movie recommendations

One movie I recommend that you not bother seeing is "Premontition." It was completely unsatisfactory and a big letdown. After all the suspense and questions, it ended with me thinking, "What a waste!" and I only spent a dollar renting it.

The movie I wholeheartedly recommend is "The Painted Veil." This is a move that I have thought about many, many times after seeing it. It was hard to get out of my mind. Totally enthralling. The scenery (mostly set in China) was breathtaking, but the best part of the film is the relationship between the main characters, a husband and wife. I don't want to give anything away, but if you are looking for a movie that portrays realistic, dynaimc characters you should really rent this one. The characters change so much and you can really relate to their humanness (is that a word?) Plus, the tension between the 2 is palpable. I was on tenterhooks waiting to see how their relationship would turn. the day after I saw it, I actually watched whole chunks of the movie again. The acting is great too and it doesn't hurt that you get a little peek at Ed Norton's bare booty.

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Amy Jane said...


To reply to your comment on my post: Alli really doesn't affect your metabolism at all, as it works only in your digestive system. It binds to some of the fat in the food you eat and flushes it out of your system before your body can absorb it - hence the uncontrollable stools or gas with oily discharge. :) So, I think it's really safe to use, but I'm just not interested in the side effects!

In fen-phen, it was found that fenfluramine was the dangerous component that causes heart problems. Phentermine doesn't seem to have such bad side effects, although it can cause some unpleasant lesser side effects. So, the fen was taken off the market, but phen is still available and apparently pretty effective for some people. I'm just not very comfortable with drugs in general, so I think that for me, it would be a total last resort.

You ARE faboo, and don't you forget it!