Friday, July 20, 2007

No Seep!

I know this is completely cliche, but (aren't most cliches true? ) why is it that kids have all this energy and adults don't? I would love to have a bit of my kids' energy sometime. The other night, Char was screaming at the top of her lungs when I put her down for the night. I knew she was very tired, but instead of giving in to the sleep, she just screamed lustily. I went in to rock her and hopefully help her calm down so she could finally sleep. As she snuggled with me , I started drifting off. I woke up with a start and noticed her staring up at me with her big brown eyes. I said, "Charlotte, you have to go to sleep."

She responded with, "No seep, no seep, no seep." Then she got down from my lap, picked up her stuffed caterpillar off the floor, hugged it and started to toddle out of the room in search of her brother, who I might add was already tucked into bed and snoring. She kept saying, "Danny! Danny! I want Danny!" I finally got up the energy to chase after her and put her back in bed, where she proceded to scream.

Everytime I hear her say, "No seep" it makes me laugh and feel a bit wistful at the same time. When did I change from a little kid who was so determined not to miss out on an opportunity to play and explore into an adult who just wants to lie down and be lazy? I want to be more excited about life like little kids are. The other night both of my kids were transfixed by a bunny rabbit in our front yard. They were completely delighted. I guess that is their gift to me: a reminder that life is fun and exciting and sometimes almost as good as sleep.

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