Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Art of Will Cullen Hart

My husband has been raving about this artist, Will Cullen Hart, who also happens to be a musician. He used to be in The Olivia Tremor Control, an Athens, GA band who have split up. Bil discovered Hart's Art (hee, hee, I'm a poet) when he stared mindlessly at the liner notes of "Dusk at Cubist Castle," one of the band's albums. You can view his art on the Internet. Just Google Hart's name and up will pop many websites. My favorites of his works are entitled "Green" (the top painting as you can well imagine) and "Black Foliage." If only I had a couple extra thou lying around, one of them could be mine!
Oh, and if you are wondering about the band, Bil claims they sound like the early Beatles' songwriting with the later Beatles style production. If that means anything to you, definitely check out their albums.

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beckbot said...

I love "Green." It made me think of Helen Frankenthaler, although she tends to shy away from any kind of shapes. The colors are so beautiful.