Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Splishing and A-Splashing

Yesterday afternoon, my kids and I decided to fight the extremely high temperatures here in Illinois by going to the pool. Yes, the temps here have been in the 100's, which I can't get over. It feels like we are in Nevada or Arizona, except with loads and loads of humidity. Doesn't do a lot for your sinuses, let me tell you.

We spent almost three hours at our wonderful community pool and the kids are now rewarding me by sleeping in this morning. Ahhh, peace and quiet. It is so much easier to use the computer without Char reaching up and pounding on the keyboard. Speaking of Char, she was really funny at the pool. The kids' pool is like the beach; it starts out so shallow a baby could crawl in it and only get his knees wet. Charlotte was getting really brave this time and kept walking into the pool and then would turn around and walk out of the pool, go visit Ronald McDonald (I don't know what she was saying to the statue of him sitting on a bench, but hopefully she was giving him an earful about how disapproving she is of McDonalds' many shady business practices) and then come back. Char kept doing it over and over again. Every once in a while she would spice things up by sitting down in the water. What cracked me up was that each time she sat down, she would stare in amazement down at the water lapping at her feet and legs. She was adorable (I know I am biased, but still...) with her damp hair curling all over her head and her little plump legs and arms kicking in the water. Reminded me of the Coppertone baby.

The kids had a blast and, at one point, even made me take them in the adult pool where I had to hold one of them in each arm and walk them all over the pool. Danny was a little tyrant; there was a butterfly flitting around and he wanted me to chase it. However, it soon flew near the deep end, and we had to end our chase. Danny kept yelling, "Chase the butterfly. MOMMY, chase the butterfly." It was pretty comical. I think I caught an elderly woman laughing at us.

It's funny because sometimes I really miss my pre-kid days when things were less stressful. I get nostalgic about all the fun I had when I was free to go wherever I wanted without having to pack snacks and sippy cups or get a babysitter. Yesterday, however, I realized that I really have a lot more fun with my kids than I ever did without them. They are my license to be silly and let loose. With my kids by my side, I forget about being embarrassed about what other people think and I concentrate on watching them laugh with abandon. Plus, they are a really good excuse to let go of all my stupid body insecurities and don a bathing suit. As cliche as it sounds, they have helped me stop and smell the roses. Just the other day, as I sweatily pulled the kids in the wagon (I keep telling them to remember all these wagon rides when I am old and need to be pushed in my wheelchair) we saw a butterfly coming out of its coccoon. Danny was beside himself with amazement and kept saying, "Look, mommy, it's the very hungry caterpillar!" No trip to the Art Institute could compare to that!

With less than two weeks before school starts back up, I am glad we have been having a pretty fun summer.


Amy Jane said...

Patty - what a great post. It made me smile just reading it. You really have the right attitude! Bless you for enjoying your kids like you do. You're awesome, and so are those wee ones!

beckbot said...

Thanks for the much-needed reminder that kids can be lots of fun! I spend too much time rolling my eyes at the incessant fights/demands and too little time turning such things into the silly jokes that they are.