Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm Losing My Hair (and my mind)!

I think I am going bald. No, my hair does not seem unusually thinned out, but it does seem to be falling out a lot more than usual. Maybe it is just that I am noticing it more, but it amazes me lately how much I find in the sink after washing it. Or in my hands after running my fingers through my hair. How much hair is normal to lose in one day? Is is cyclical? Do you lose more hair in certain seasons than others?

A friend asked if I was under stress, because that can cause hair loss. Um, yes. I do have some stress in my life right now. I mean, crap, I have two kids under 5. Not to mention, one of them has some special needs. And let's not even get started on my mom's cancer, my parents' separation, and all the other more common worries I have. You know the ones: is Danny getting enough vegetables? Am I paying enough attention to the kids? Did they just hear that swear word that slipped out, and more importantly, are they going to repeat it in front of someone really embarrassing, like say, my bishop?

And if that weren't enough, I am potty training Danny. I mean, holy cow, that alone is giving me enough stress to probably take 10 years off my life! (Although surely, it is paving my way to Heaven, right? I mean shouldn't you get brownie points every time you clean poop off of walls, floors, and small butts, not to mention all the very strange places the poop often ends up?)

And now, I get to be stressed out by the fact that my stress levels may be making me bald. Yikes!!! Maybe I should just go out and buy some hats now and be comforted that if I do indeed lose my hair, I will save time on hair styling in the morning.

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Amy Jane said...


Hmmm. If you are indeed losing too much hair, that really sucks! You know, if you're really concerned about it, it wouldn't hurt to see your doc about it. Hormonal imbalance can cause hair loss, as can a thyroid imbalance. I'm sure there are lots of other possible causes, but those are the two I can think of right now. Of course, stress is also a valid possibility. Man - that's just what you need: one more thing to worry about! Life can be so unfair...

How's the potty-training going? Nick pees on the potty like a champ now, but still won't poop there, and asks for us to put a diaper on him when he needs to poop. :) For now, I'll take it!