Monday, October 8, 2007

My son, the bruiser

Poor Danny has had a really rough weekend. He started it by falling off my bed while rough housing (is that one word, or two?) with Bil. When he fell, he somehow managed to scrape the entire bridge of his nose up pretty badly. He now has an enormous scab on his nose, which he likes to pick at. Saturday, while playing in the ball pit that Bil constructed out of PVC pipe and netting, Danny managed to, in Bil's words, "rack himself" on the ball pit. That one was pretty painful for the poor kid: it seemed like it took hours before he could go to the bathroom again. Now, today Danny was hit in the nose by a friend from Church with an enormous crab apple. His nose bled for what seemed like hours and he really cried, which is somewhat unusual for him in terms of getting hurt. He just doesn't quite feel pain like the average human. So, I knew this hurt a lot.

It just so happens that things like this always seem to occur right before a visit from my mom. She will be here Wed. and will probably ask immediately upon seeing poor Danny's beaten up face, "What have you done to my grandson?!?" The last time she saw the kids, Charlotte had managed to scrape up a section right under her eye on the sidewalk. I think my mom is seriously wondering what we do to these kids.

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beckbot said...

I hear you, pasha! Today it was diarrhea, slipping off the side of the tub, and a fair amount of hitting and biting. I keep reminding my boys of our cardinal family rule: no trips to the ER.