Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The P List

Yes, I am having delusions of grandeur and comparing myself to Oprah. Have you ever seen her "O List"? It is typically a list of obscenely overpriced, but beautiful doodads that would never last a day in my house. (We often call the kids "the Angels of Destruction," if that tells you anything.) Anyway, I do have some favorite things that are much more affordable than Oprah's and thought I would share.

**"Woman in White" by Wilkie Collins

I know I regularly give book recommendations, but they truly are my favorite things! I am only about a third of the way through this tome, and I am enjoying it immensely. It was written in the 19th century and was a huge success at the time. Somewhere along the line, it seems to have lost some of its popularity, and I can't figure out why, because it is so good. It is full of suspense and really interesting, complicated characters. And the writing. Oh, the writing! The language is beautiful and makes it so pleasurable to read that even if the plot weren't as mysterious and exciting as it is, it would still be a good read.

**Flat-Out Wraps
These wraps are so yummy and made with whole grains, so they have tons of fiber. I have been eating them like crazy, typically with turkey, sprouts and other veggies, spread with Alouette spreadable herbs and garlic cheese. They are so good. And it doesn't hurt that they are healthy!

**Edy's Limited Edition Mango ice cream
Bil just bought this for me, so I have not yet tried it, but it has chunks of real mango in it, so it has to be good. Mango is far and away my favorite fruit. In fact, I have a secret theory that the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was actually a mango. That would have been tempting!

**The music from "Wicked," a broadway musical about the wicked witch of
the west
I know not everyone shares my enjoyment of musicals, but this soundtrack is actually really funny and endearing. I especially like the song "What is this feeling?" sung by Glynda and Alphaba (the name of the wicked witch of the west) who happen to be roommates at boarding school. My favorite lines go something like this, "Loathing, unadulterated loathing, for your face, your voice, your clothing, Let's just say I loathe it all. Every little trait however small makes my very flesh begin to crawl with simple utter loathing. There's a strange exhilaration in such total detestation." I mean, how can you not love a song with lyrics like those?

**Melvil Poupaud
I just rented Zoe Cassavetes' latest movie "Broken English" with Parker Posey starring as a 30-something single woman in New York who is very unlucky in love. It was really an enjoyable movie, especially because of Posey's French love interest Julien played by Melvil Poupaud. Wow, he is so captivating; the way he looks at Posey with these big serious brown eyes is really seductive. I can't explain the allure, but I really liked his character and thought that he was quite convincing. Check it out next time you are at Blockbuster.

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Amy Jane said...


I love the P List! What a good idea. Have you read the book Wicked? It's pretty good. I love musical music, but I never listen to it. I really love the classics, like "My Fair Lady," "Music Man," stuff like that.

Thanks for the compliments regarding my picture. I didn't think that that shot of me was such that any weight loss could be discerned, but if you say it is, then I'll believe you! I'm having a bit of an exercise slump these days. I've been doing this for 3 mos. now, but it's STILL not second nature, and I still have to struggle to force myself to exercise. Ack! I've been eating pretty well since the big anniv. weekend, though, so that helps. Are you still in your weight-loss slump? Didn't you have a weigh-in today? Do share...