Friday, December 7, 2007

snow day

Charlotte and I have been confined to the house today. She threw up a couple of times yesterday, so I thought it wise to take it easy. It's a perfect day to stay in--it snowed a bit last night and although only about an inch accumulated, it feels nice and cozy indoors. Danny was thrilled this morning when he saw the snow. So thrilled, in fact, that he pulled up a rocking chair in front of our picture window and sat there watching the snow. He ate a mere half a granola bar for breakfast and was enticed to eat that much only when I reminded him that he could see the backyard from the kitchen. It seems that now that he has finally gotten his snow, he is unwilling to let it out of his sight.

Anyway, back to Char's and my day. Since I had some extra time, I thought I would make this caramel, peanut butter popcorn that I have been planning on giving as gifts this year (hey, I promised I wouldn't make cookies. I never said anything about popcorn.) The recipe is super easy to make, yet there were still some mishaps. The first happened when a friend stopped by to pick something up and I forgot about the corn syrup/sugar mixture cooking on the stove. It was boiling over by the time I remembered it. Then, as I was working, I got a few phone calls. Charlotte was eating popcorn at the counter, but when I looked up, I discovered she was also pouring corn syrup on the floor and counter. (She is obviously feeling better.) So, now, despite repeated washings, my kitchen floor is stickier than the local movie theater floor. I still think the popcorn will have been worth it.

The highlight of the day, though, was when I put on some Christmas music and Charlotte asked me to dance with her. She loves it when I pick her up and dance around the house with her in my arms. She giggles giddily when we spin in circles and when I dip her. By the time Harry Connick, Jr. had finished crooning 2 songs, I was beat.

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Amy Jane said...

Another lovely slice of life from my Patty-friend. You paint such lovely vignettes with words! Good luck cleaning up the corn syrup -that stuff is evil! :) Good for you for dancing with your kids. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are the ultimate kick-ass mom!