Tuesday, December 25, 2007

polar express

Either the Christmas spirit is getting to me or I am hormonal. I just cried during "Polar Express." Danny looked at me like I was crazy, which really is not that far from the truth!


Amy Jane said...

Aw, heck - I'll cry at just about anything! :) Just saw the pic of you with the Gin Blossoms. You look so tiny and cute! Wow. Did you have a good Christmas?

beckbot said...

Oh, man! That movie mostly gave me motion sickness. Charlotte's Web (the 70s cartoon version) always makes me cry, what with the circle of life subtext and all. And the cute baby spiders flying away at the end.

Amy Jane said...


It's kind of cool that we are both at a point where we want to lose about the same amount of weight! We can totally cheer each other on - maybe even make it a bit of a friendly contest.

Regarding ex-boyfriends, I am very lucky in that department. Aside from a few blips on the radar, I was fortunate (and perhaps smart) to have boyfriends who were very good to me and treated me well. In fact, it was me who tended to be the dumper most of the time. So, I actually have several exes that I would be happy to hear from. There are a couple who hate me because I dumped them, and I wouldn't want to hear from them, because it would just be awkward. :) Actually, there's one that I'm in regular contact with, and now Rick. It's interesting. Caitlin couldn't believe that I've had such a benign dating past, given her recent experience. I just really haven't had much drama in my life aside from my mom's death, and the death of my best friend when I was 19. I mean, I guess that's not a small amount of drama, but many peeps have had so much more. I think I had too much coffee this morning - I'll shut up now! :)