Saturday, January 12, 2008

hungry, hungry hippo

Do any of you remember this game? Well, apparently it is still a rather popular game. Danny received a tiny, one-player version of this game from his teacher for Christmas. It's a bit hard to use, but he loves it.

This afternoon after naps, Danny was ravenous and said to Bil, "I have a hungry, hungry hippo tummy, Daddy!" Cracked us up.

I think I also have a hungry, hungry hippo tummy. (Too bad it is not as cute with adults....) I have been having wild cravings for something really gooey and sweet today. Not sure why. Maybe hormone-related? Sure, why not. My poor hormones get blamed for all kinds of things.

Speaking of hormones, I had another thyroid check and it is normal now. Great news, right? Well, the doctor said I now have a very high chance of my thyroid stopping within the year. Apparently, I had subclinical thyroidism and the cycle often goes like this: it works too hard, then corrects itself and maybe works correctly for a while, and then eventually it stops working altogether. I guess it overcorrects itself. Hmmmm.....that seems like it could be a metaphor for my life....

Anyway, it isn't too serious. They will check back with me in 3 months and I will have to go on medicine if it stops working. Unfortunately, the symptoms are extreme fatigue and "feeling like a slug" according to my doc. Hmmmm.....I so often feel like a slug. Will I notice the difference?

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Amy Jane said...

I TOTALLY remember that game! I had it and loved it as a kid. And I can also totally relate to HHHTS (hungry, hungry hippo tummy syndrome). :) How odd about your thyroid. I certainly hope it doesn't stop working! I guess only time will tell.