Monday, January 21, 2008

i miss chicago

Today, I really miss living in a bigger city that offers more to do than just going to the movies and Wal-Mart (which my mother has dubbed Effingham's cultural center). I have been stuck in the house for what feels like weeks, but has actually only been 5 days, with sick, crabby video addicts. My kids refuse to do anything but watch videos. Oh wait, I take that back. They also fight each other over which video they want to watch next.

Now that Danny is feeling better, I have realized too late that I have enabled him to become addicted to TV. And really, I cannot think of anything else to entice him with. There is nowhere to go in this town that is fun for kids and inside. The weather has been bitterly cold (in the single digits at times and no higher than 20 degrees most days) so playing outside just doesn't seem like a viable option, especially since Danny still has his cold. I so wish we had a kids' museum or indoor play area. Heck, a McDonald's playland would even satisfy me at this point!

I was reading an article about cheap dating and keeping the magic in your marriage and almost all the ideas they had would only really work in a bigger, less culturally challenged town than good ole Effingham. They claim that most cities have museums. Not here. They suggest ice skating. We would have to drive 90 minutes to get to an ice skating rink. We don't even really have a book store in which to browse (another one of their cheap suggestions) unless you count Wal-Mart.

Ok, I will quit complaining. I mean after all, we do have a Corvette Museum and there are sometimes gun shows in town. What else could I ask for?


Amy Jane said...

Corvette Museum? What is this? Was it there when I lived there? I'm intrigued.

Lady, I have one thing to say to you, and it is "amen!" I know just how you feel. Remember, we don't even have an indoor mall - I'm totally jealous of you on that count. Nick is going crazy and bouncing off the walls, and just generally being a turd, and it's because he can't go and run off his energy!

He is a COMPLETE TV addict. He watches TV almost the entire time that he's awake. Sure, he often plays with toys at the same time, but the TV is still on. And do you know what's weird? I don't feel particularly guilty about it. Maybe that's because we don't let him watch anything we don't feel is appropriate, or because I can see how much the TV and movies have enhanced his knowledge and vocab. I don't know - maybe I'm just rationalizing, but given the reality of our existence, I have just accepted that he's gonna watch a lot of TV. Does that make you feel any better? Does that make me a terrible mother?

beckbot said...

Patty, I know you've already thought of this, but does your library have children's programs? It's usually only once a week, but that's better than nothing.