Wednesday, January 16, 2008

poor kid

Danny is sick. I didn't even realize it until several hours after he had come home from school. His teacher told me yesterday that he hasn't been eating his lunch, so I figured he was fighting something off. Plus, friends of ours who were over Friday have all been coming down with sicknesses of one variety or another since their visit, so I guess it was inevitable.

When Danny got home from school, I let him watch a Charlie Brown Easter video he got out of the library yesterday. He has been begging to watch it since yesterday afternoon and I finally relented. Well, when I checked on him, I realized he had a fever. The thing with Danny is he rarely stops moving. Seriously, even when he was throwing up last spring, it didn't keep him down for more than 2 hours. Sometimes I think I would give anything for him to calm down and sit still for a bit.

Today I realized how untrue that is. It really scares me to see him so mopey. Halfway through dinner he laid across his chair and asked for a pillow so he could go to sleep. He NEVER wants to sleep. Then after dinner, he climbed into his cuddle swing (this really cool swing that molds to your body, almost like a hammock only you can't stretch out in it) and started to fall asleep. He could barely keep his eyes open as I gave him some Motrin. Then, I had to carry him to bed. Again, this is a kid that never just falls asleep watching TV or tells us he is tired. I'm sure he will recover quickly--he always does, but maybe when he does I will be more understanding and appreciative of his boundless energy--but probably not for long. I tend to forget little lessons like these, especially in the wake of kids bickering, making enormous messes, and the many other stressors of life.

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Amy Jane said...


Poor Danny! Is he feeling better yet? You know, I know exactly how you feel. Nick is such a spaz, and he's in constant motion and will never just sit on our laps or anything. And like Danny, he never falls asleep outside of bed or asks to go to sleep. So, it's my shameful little secret that the few times he's had a virus, I have almost enjoyed it (once I knew that it was just a garden variety virus and he wasn't in any danger). I mean, that's the only time he'll actually just lie there and cuddle and not be a spaz! But, it is awfully sad to see a kid that way, especially when they're normally so active. I'll admit that sometimes, I wish Nick would get sick just a little more often, so that I can have a break and have some cuddle-time. Does that make me a horrible person? You're one of the very few peeps I would admit that to.

Today, Nick called me his sweetheart. :) He also wore undies to preschool and kept them dry, but he still won't poop in the potty! If a diaper isn't an option, he'll just hold it back. Not healthy. He's quite the tough nut to crack.