Monday, January 28, 2008

president hinckley has passed away

For those of you who do not belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley died yesterday. (In our church, the prophet is the leader of the entire worldwide organization. We believe that he receives inspiration for the members of the Church everywhere just like the prophets in the Bible did. In fact, our church is set up exactly how it was in biblical times: a prophet, 12 apostles, etc.) I am really sad about his passing. President Hinckley was the prophet for almost 13 years--I have been a member of the LDS Church about 16 years, so for almost the whole time I have been a member, President Hinckley has been the prophet. I got really attached to him.

It all started while I was in Hong Kong when he was called as president. Pres. H. had served in Asia and had worked a lot in Hong Kong. There were members of the church who had worked alongside him building up the church there. The Chinese members were thrilled to have a prophet who had actually been to Asia many, many times. I knew that any man who loved Hong Kong as much as I did had great taste!

So, today I have been mulling over his life and all the sacrifices he has made for the Church. He had truly worn out his life in service for all of us. The man never stopped working, even though he was 97 years old. I wish I had his stamina! I know that he has now been reunited with his wife in Heaven and that is a good thing. But I sure will miss his great sense of humor and his love for others.

I am so grateful to have a prophet on the earth. To me, that is proof that God still loves us and has not abandoned us (as some people, and even I have occasionally felt). Thinking about all this makes me feel that much more determined to follow the prophet and try to be a better person.


Amy Jane said...


I am so sorry for you and for all the members of your church who are mourning the loss of your prophet. This must be a very difficult time for you. I really admire your devotion to, belief in, and knowledge of your religion. I will be thinking of you.


Amy Jane said...


In response to your last comment on my blog:

I must warn you that the Dannon yogurt I recommended has sucralose. But, I'm sure you can find something else without it that has similar calories.

As for getting Nick to poop on the potty - I'm not sure how we did it! I think it hinges on the fact that he's loath to poop in his pants or on the floor, so now that he knows we won't put a diaper on him, he sort of realizes he has no choice. And, with each time he does it, he realizes that it's not so bad or scary, and it gets easier for him every time. It's so hard, and I definitely feel your pain with Danny. Just keep plugging away, and believe me - the day WILL come when he turns the corner!