Tuesday, January 15, 2008

so much horror out there

I have been slightly obsessed by the story of Lam Luong, the man who threw his four young children off a bridge. I just cannot understand how or why someone would ever do such a thing to any child, let alone his own flesh and blood. How could someone do something so evil? Everytime I hear a story about some atrocity committed against another person, I always want to know why it happened. What was the motive? What pushed that person over the edge? Was it drugs? Mental illness? As if there could ever be a satisfactory answer to that question.

Yesterday, I also read about a man who killed four people, including his girlfriend and her baby who was sitting in a car seat. Again, what would drive someone to shoot a baby? It makes me reel.

It also makes me wonder how God could allow such a thing to happen. I know we all have free choice. I understand that and know that it is necessary, but how can such evil exist? Where does it come from? Are the people who commit these crimes inherently evil or did they make enough bad choices that they ended up that way? I don't even know if this makes any sense, which I suppose is appropos considering the topic.

I think I will go and give my kids another goodnight kiss.


Amy Jane said...


I often ponder the exact same unanswerable questions. To be honest, it's gotten to the point where I almost deliberately choose to keep myself isolated from news stories like that. I just can't handle it anymore, especially since becoming a mom.

Well, now that I'm totally depressed, I'll change the subject - I went to kickboxing class today, and I really liked it! It kicked my butt, though. I'm gonna be sorry tomorrow, for sure. I might try a yoga class tomorrow evening, while Brian's at his academic class.

beckbot said...

Patty, I understand how you feel. September 11, Andrea Yates, and a mounting list of lesser-known tragedies haunt me from time to time. Why *do* horrible things happen to good people? I wish I knew. I tend to lean toward mental illness, as I've seen the havoc it has caused in my dad's family. What else could possibly explain such acts?

p.s. I'm going to see if I can tape the Austen-a-thon and we can watch some of it together when you come out. Do you have a vcr? (I think we may be the last family on earth with one, and certainly the last family on earth "taping" anything."