Thursday, February 28, 2008

i am definitely bored!

Well, I am still sick. Sicker, in fact, than I was when I last posted. At least that is how I feel. What's more, Charlotte is definitely sicker than two days ago. This morning she sat in my lap forever, just lying there looking miserable. We are both still in our pjs and have no plans of changing today at all. Poor Danny thinks it is a holiday and was determined to stay home with us sickies. Bil finally basically carried him kicking and screaming to the car. He kept saying he didn't feel good, but when he forgot he was supposed to be sick, he would start teasing Charlotte or would run around the family room. That cinched it; he was going to school.

Anyway, I am getting really bored. I feel horrible, like I have swallowed Drano or something and I have very little energy to get much done (probably because whenever I manage to doze off at night, I do something quite inadvisable: I swallow and the searing pain understandably wakes me up). Plus, I am not about to start vacuuming (no matter how badly my house may need it) when I am so crummy-feeling. So, instead I sat and watched my first-ever "Wiggles" video with Charlotte. It was hard to stop watching: their choreography is so animated as are their facial expressions and singing. They are perfect for little kids and a bit fascinating to watch, as in I-have-to-stop-and-see-the-car-wreck sort of fascinating. It is almost refreshing seeing grown men so unself-conscious. They are not being ironic at all; they actually seem to enjoy what they are doing.
Then, because truly I am sick and bored, I went online to find out how the Wiggles started. Next I needed to know why Greg, the yellow Wiggle, left the show (yes, I am on a first-name basis with them all). I can't believe I just Googled Greg from the Wiggles.

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Amy Jane said...

You're killing me! It should be heartening to know that even when you're deathly ill, you can still be very funny. :)

I'm SOOOOO sorry that you are feeling so terrible. If I were there, I would come over with chicken noodle soup (heated from a can, of course), some magazines, and other assorted things to cheer you up. I would shower you with as much love as possible while keeping at least 10 feet between us at all times. :) I mean, come on - I love you and all, but ain't no way I want to get that sick!