Friday, February 29, 2008

Stray Cat

We have a stray cat living in our bushes who wants to be adopted by us. How do I know it wants to be adopted? Well, it sits outside our door just meowing away for long stretches of time. Also, it has tried to get into our house a couple of times. Whenever we are outside, the cat will rub its body all over the kids' and my legs and will roll on its back so someone will pet it. I haven't let the kids pet it, seeing as how it is a stray and I have no idea where it has been, but I do feel sorry for the thing.

Part of me would really like to adopt it. It is clearly quite friendly and loves kids, but I don't think Bil would ever go for it. He is totally hung up on the fact that when pregnant, a woman should not change the cat litter without gloves. To him, that means that cats are disease-ridden and should not be allowed to live in the house with us. Lately, he has relented a bit and said we could maybe get a cat when the kids get a bit older. Maybe I should do some Internet research on cat diseases rather than the Wiggles.

Seeing the kids get excited whenever the cat appears is just delightful. They love cats and I think would be very excited to adopt this one. My kids are actually quite used to cats as my mom has one, and both the kids are very gentle with Daisy.

There is another part of me, however, that really has no interest in taking on another creature's care. Do I really want to fork over money for shots and possible surgeries (neutering, etc)? But the thing is at this very moment crying on my doorstep. I can hear it and it is heartbreaking. Why has it chosen this home? Could it be that word has spread not just through the human world, but to the animal one as well, that I am a total pushover?

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