Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Down with the Virus! (and Pulaski Day)

This virus is not only long-lasting, but really sneaky and mean-spirited! I was sick all last week with a terribly painful sore throat, but I started to feel better at the weekend. By Sunday, I had almost all my energy back and my throat barely hurt at all. I was ecstatic: health was on its way back!

Which is why yesterday, when I woke up, I was so surprised. Despite almost 11 hours of sleep, I was exhausted and weak feeling. I had no appetite (which in itself is an alarming symptom for me!) and then became so cold nothing would warm me up. At one point, I had on thick socks, really warm slippers (they normally make my feet sweat), sweats, a t-shirt, sweatshirt and a thick robe, which I then covered up with a down comforter. I was still cold. And so tired.

Of course, yesterday just happened to be Pulaski Day, so Danny had no school. So not only is this virus mean and insidious, but it is also calculating, waiting to strike when I can least afford to be bed-ridden.

I made it to the kids' nap time, barely. I think I actually let them eat several granola bars each for lunch. It is all a bit fuzzy; I may be suppressing the memories out of guilt or maybe it is fever-induced amnesia. Anyway, I laid down to nap with the kids and pretty much never did get back off the couch until Bil got home. I must have gotten up once to get Charlotte out of bed, but I don't remember it.

I just lay groaning on the couch and praying. Praying that the kids would not have an accident or get into anything that stains carpets. At one point, I remember Danny bringing me the applesauce and I told him to go get two bowls out and make a bowl for Charlotte. I heard him in the kitchen rummaging around and then saying to Charlotte, "Here, Charlotte, this is for you." Thank goodness nobody called DCFS. I swear I would have been reported. It made me think of those newspaper articles about kids who were left alone for days at a time and survived by eating ketchup and mustard. My poor kids.

Bil FINALLY came home bearing a pizza and, bless his soul, he took control of the situation with no complaint whatsoever. He did say, "Wow, I had no idea you guys could make such a mess," but it was more in a tone of wonderment than condemnation. He fed, cleaned and changed the kids, cleaned the whole kitchen, whose floor was covered with train tracks, craft supplies, and a generous helping of Cheerios...all floating in an inch of water. He even called a friend from church to come and help him give me a blessing. My hero!

Anyway, my fever finally broke and we went to bed early. I feel so much better today, especially after the long-overdue shower this morning. Still, I am nervous. Is the virus trying to lull me into a false sense of health, only to strike when I least expect it? Why is this virus doing this to me? I told Bil we should name the virus. It has stayed with our family so long, I feel that we should all be on a first-name basis. Any name suggestions? Bubonic seems too long and is already taken.

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Amy Jane said...

How about Elvira? :)

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been so egregiously and insidiously stricken, my poor friend! I hope you're feeling better today. You did amuse me, though, with your tales of letting the children fend for themselves. You're such a funny writer!

I'm curious - what is Pulaski Day? Did you know that I actually live in Pulaski County, MO? Hmmm...

Much love and hugs and pretend chocolate,