Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stuff about me you probably don't want to know

OK, Rebecca tagged me, so I am using this as yet another excuse to procrastinate working out. So, here is a bit of trivia about moi.

10 years ago.....
I was single, living in Chicago, was in grad school and teaching ESL for a community college there.

5 things on my to-do list today
* work out
* load of laundry
* go to parent-teacher conference
* babysit friend's son (who is blessedly napping right now along with Charlotte!)
* clean my sty of a bedroom

Snacks I enjoy...
* anything chocolate
* Fiber One bars (makes me feel healthy and saintly)
* chocolate peanut butter on whole wheat waffle
* bananas
* oranges

Things I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire...
* Pay off husband's student loan and mortgage
* buy a house with more storage space and better landscaping (or better yet, hire a landscaper)
* Donate money to orphanges in Russia where my niece and nephew came from
* Donate money to church's Perpetual Education Fund
* Pay off my mom's house and generally help other famly members
* Put money in kids' college/mission funds
* Put some money into retirement
* Travel!
* Go back to school

3 Bad Habits...
* can be very impatient, especially with husband (mostly take out stress on him)
* say negative things about myself
* eat for emotional reasons

Jobs I've had... (in no particular order)
* worked in a college library
* McDonald's cashier and food maker
* grocery store cashier
* worked on assembly line in a can factory during college summer
* editor in legal publishing company and at BYU Independent Study
* cafeteria worker (twice)
* Teacher (high school, college, and ESL)
* receptionist
* legal and depositions clerk in law firm
* personal assistant of two kids (I recently read about celebrity personal assistants and found that it is very similar to taking care of kids--both celebrities and kids tend to behave inappropriately and immaturely...)

5 Things people don't know about me...
* I have entertained the idea of writing professionally (maybe for magazines)
* I hate haunted houses at Halloween--no matter how cheesy, they totally scare me!
* I play the flute, but have always wished I played the saxophone
* I sometimes sing really loudly and passionately (and horribly) and dance around the room when no one is around. Or sometimes I do it with my kids, but they always say, "No singing, mommy!" Apparently, I already embarrass them.
* I think I have a broken tail bone that has never healed properly from a rollerblading accident back when I was single.

OK, well, that was fun. I think I'll go and exercise finally. Amy, it's your turn.

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