Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I am Having Fun With Lately (and slightly addicted to)!

Before I start, I need to tell you that as I type this, Danny is singing along with Karen Carpenter to "I Can't Smile Without You" at the top of his lungs (slightly off-key). He loves this mix tape that Bil made for me and sings along with songs like "We Got the Beat" by the Bangles, "I'll Melt With You" and songs by ELO. He has pretty good taste in music. He is supposed to be napping, but I am really entertained by his singing.

Anyway, here are a few things that are getting me through this long, dreary winter:

"The Office"
Rebecca, you have completely gotten me hooked on this show and I thank you! I love "The Office" and cannot seem to get enough of it. We borrowed seasons 1 and 2 from the library and would stay up late every night watching episode after episode, laughing hysterically. Then, while I was waiting for the season 3 discs to come in, I looked for whatever episodes and clips I could find on youtube. We just finally got the first disc of season 3 and watched it in one sitting. Now I am wating for the other discs to come from Blockbuster. I feel like I am in withdrawls....I have been on NBC's website numerous times to get a fix. I cannot remember the last time I was so drawn to a TV series, especially a sitcom. Those writers are genuises!!! BTW, Dwight is my favorite, with Angela a close second.

Devil in the Details by Jennifer Traig
This is my book club's recent pick and it is the hilariously funny memoirs of a teenager with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I know that sounds strange, but it really is funny and wacky. I highly recommend the book.

The New York Times crossword puzzle
Bil gets a new crossword puzzle every week on his home page from Google and we are becoming really addicted to it. We have to work together to get the puzzle done. Bil typically knows most of the clues about computers, engineering, math, science and modern music. I can usually get the literature questions, along with plays on words, etc. Anyway, nerdy? Yes, but talk to us when we are in our 90s and not suffering from dementia!

Bil has got me hooked on listening to NPR in the car. It wasn't hard to get into seeing as how we have very few stations in town to listen to that don't play country. And those stations, though they claim to play new music, end up pretty much playing the same handful of songs over and over. And they aren't typically all that recent. I mean, c'mon, WHAM hasn't been together in decades. Anyway, I am loving NPR and all that I have learned. It has been enlightening to hear about Obama and Clinton from fresh angles, and I love the music and book reviews.

Cooking Light magazine and website
Again, I have Rebecca to thank for this minor addiction. I just got my newest issue and paged through it while drooling on the pages. This magazine has such great recipes, including a decadent mint brownie recipe I made for Easter and amazingly tasty potstickers I made about a month ago. The only problem is that these recipes are so yummy it is really hard not to go overboard and eat until my jeans split..... But at least they are low-fat, though you'd never be able to tell by tasting!!


Amy Jane said...


I'm glad you loved the book! It is funny, isn't it?

You know, I need to get back into NPR. I used to like the segments like "All Things Considered." And the music is good, too!

B and I should start doing the NYT crossword puzzle. I don't know if he'd be very into it, though. Maybe I'll spring one on him soon.

Betsy said...

I LOVE THE OFFICE!!!! Best thing to happen to TV in a long time, hands down.