Friday, April 25, 2008

I'll Never.....

As I wandered through Kroger's this morning looking for some sale items, I looked at my daughter and realized that I have become that mom in the supermarket that I always swore I wouldn't become. Charlotte had a dirty face, sticky hands, was wearing slippers and mismatched pajamas. Then, I looked at myself and saw the holey sweat pants and t-shirt with some form of breakfast food smeared on my shoulder and I winced. This started me thinking of all the things I swore I would never do before I became a mom, but that I have caught myself doing in the recent past. Here is a partial list:

* I swore I would never clean my kids' faces with my fingers covered in my own saliva. This I now do regularly without even flinching.
* I never thought I would leave the house almost daily in my pajamas, no makeup and sometimes greasy hair.
* Let my kids eat candy at 9AM--I just did this today while taking an important phone call. My kids know they can get away with so much more when I am on the phone, which is one reason I try to stay off the phone whenever I can.
* Allow my son to pee outside. Sorry, maybe this is gross, but he does sometimes pee behind bushes at the park when there is no potty nearby.
* Laugh when my son takes off his pants in front of a large group of church friends. This just happened Wed. night when Danny got his pants all wet and decided to take them off. The really funny part was that his underwear were on inside out and backwards, because he had put them on himself.
* I promised myself that I would never lie to my kids. Unfortunately, I also do this occasionally, like the other day when we were at the grocery store on a field trip with Danny's class. He wanted a gumball, but I told him the machine was broken, because I just didn't want to deal with it. Before you judge me too harshly, keep in mind that I was on a preschool field trip and was exhausted--dealing with that many preschoolers is an energy zapper, to say the least.
* Threaten them with bodily harm. Before becoming a mom, I thought I would be the lucky one who would keep her temper in check at all times. Of course, before becoming a mom I had no idea what the term "sleep deprivation" really meant and I was never called upon to clean up poop that a 4-year-old had danced and played in and had gotten all over the carpet and himself when he was supposed to be napping. I had no idea.
* Say things like, "I've had it!" and "Because I said so" and "You are driving me insane!"

Oh, the list could go on an on, but I will stop there. What about you? Any things you catch yourself doing that shock you? Please share.


Amy Jane said...

Oh, Patty, you are not alone. I'm definitely right there with you when it comes to lying to Nick. I do this ALL the time. Like, if I don't approve of his Happy Meal toy, I just tell him that it didn't come with one. Or I'll tell him that something's broken when it's not. Or I'll throw a toy away while he's sleeping, and when he asks about it, I'll tell him he must have lost it. I'm such a terrible person! :) We all do things we never dreamed we'd do, because until you have a child, you just don't get it. So, cut yourself some slack! You rock.

prism said...

I know you don't know me (friend of beckbot) - this is a great post - I hear you! (except I don't really lie to my kids - I guess they are used to hearing me say "no", and I'm a terrible liar and have an awful time with guilt, so I can't really do that...)

But, as mother to 4, oldest soon to be 13 - so many things I thought I'd never do (like yell too much just to be heard and spew the words "you're grounded" sometimes more often than I want, and then there's the "ignore the fighting" - probably not the best idea). I'm sure the next couple of years will be interesting. :-)