Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oddness has it's priveleges.

"We're hijacking the airwaves tonight while Patty's out partying...(tap tap) is this on?

"We want all you HATERS out there to know how awesome she is! We've got your back girl--even though you could take 'em all by yourself. Patty, we love you! We want to dedicate this song to Patty...the standard by which we measure Awesomnimity! Peace, Goodwill."


Patty O. said...

OK, Bil, how did you get my password???? Thanks, sweetie!

Amy Jane said...


Love you, but I have to point out that you misspelled "privileges", and you used "it's" where you should have used "its". Sorry - I just can't let these things slide! :)

Betsy said...

Way to stand up for your woman!!!!