Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my inadvertent bird haven

I was reading the newspaper over breakfast this morning and discovered that my yard is perfect for birds. It is covered in weeds, not at all manicured and there are many, many rogue, dead leaves that have escaped my manic raking. According to this article, experts (bird experts, I presume) are urging homeowners not to try to pattern their lawns after golf courses. Extremely manicured lawns, especially those whose well-groomed looks can be attributed to the use of chemicals, are not very good for birdies, who apparently love weeds and leaves. How comforting to know that my ratty old backyard and lawn are helping out some animals. Now I can feel smug and self-righteous when I see beautifully, green and weed-free lawns, where before I only felt shame and envy......

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