Thursday, May 22, 2008

simple pleasures

Yesterday after school, I took the kids to the park. The weather was spectacular: sunny, breezy, in the 70s. Ahhh, spring. The kids were in Heaven and I really enjoyed watching them frolicking in the sun with their friends. Birds kept landing in the baseball field and Danny took to running after them. He laughed delightedly each time they scattered and flew away. I couldn't resist joining in the laughter.

Later, after our friends left, Charlotte, Danny and I took a little walk to the other side of the park, where they discovered some caterpillars. As I am sure I have mentioned before, Danny absolutely adores The Very Hungry Caterpillar and can animatedly recite the entire book. He wanted to hold the caterpillar so I picked it up and put it in his hand, all the while admonishing him to be careful and gentle. He giggled as it walked all over his hands and exclaimed, "Momma, it tickles!" Then, Charlotte insisted on being included. I was a bit nervous, because being younger, she is not always the most gentle little girl. I managed to get the caterpillar in her hand, which she then almost dropped, but instead she closed her pudgy hand. When she opened her hand, there was some brown liquid there and I was sure she had killed the hapless caterpillar, that she had its blood on her hands. Luckily, it was fine; I returned it to the ground and it slunk off none the worse for wear (I hope!) So, I can only assume that brown liquid it left on Charlotte's hand was some sort of caterpillar excrement. Ahhh, spring!

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