Thursday, June 5, 2008

baking obsession

The Internet is a dangerous tool. I have recently discovered food blogs (of which there are hundreds, maybe thousands) and have become slightly addicted. These people feature the most amazing recipes and I invariably want to try them all. As I am typically on the Internet at night, and I rarely have all the ingredients on hand, (I mean who keeps prosciutto in their fridge?) I don't often give in to my temptation

In my food blog exploration, I have discovered a very dangerous book... Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home To Yours is amazing in its variety of baked goods. Not only are there cookies and several types of brownies and cakes, but it includes breakfast items such as sweet breads, muffins and even ice cream. The book is a dream and the pictures, oh, the pictures! Well, just look at the cover of the book and you will see what I mean.
Who could refuse a cake like that? Bil has already requested that I make this cake for his birthday next month and I cannot wait. I am just dying for an excuse to dig in and start making recipes from this book. It is a good thing I only have it on loan from the library for a month, though I suspect I may be saving my money and buying my own copy. I love it! And I am not alone. Apparently, this book and author are really hot in the cooking world. They even have a food blog called "Tuesdays with Dorie" where members make a recipe from this cookbook every Tuesday and post the results. I briefly considered joining, but came to my senses. As much as I like baking, I can't see myself making a decadent treat every single week. Also, after perusing this book, you will see that many of these treats are somewhat time-consuming to make. It's just as well, since my waist-line and cholesterol levels would definitely suffer if I baked that often.
One great thing about this book (besides the treats) is I have discovered that Danny loves baking. In fact, when he saw the book, he begged me at 9pm on a Saturday night to make a cake with him. Ever since then, he has been helping me make pancakes and begging to make cookies and cakes. The funny thing is that he really enjoys making the cakes a lot more than eating them. Partly, he enjoys measuring and helping, but he also really loves licking bowls and spoons and sneaking bites of batter (who doesn't?). It is fun to bake with him, but my freezer is slowly filling up with the results of our labors. Since I don't want to overindulge--and if there are baked good lying arounnd the house, I WILL overindulge--I have been stashing leftovers in our deep freeze. So if you ever want to come visit, I will have plenty of yummy homebaked goodness to offer you!

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Amy Jane said...

Oh, Patty, you evil wench with your frozen homebaked goodness! We will have to dust something off when I'm there (or should I say thaw something out?). You know I won't be able to resist!