Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lodging a complaint

Danny obviously has my temper. He not only gets frustrated with people (especially his parents and his sister) but the elements also anger him, most notably the wind. Whenever the wind blows too gustily, Danny lets it know of his displeasure and dissatisfaction.

Yesterday as we were driving home from Wal-mart the wind struck again. I had Bil's car and since his car has no air conditioning, I had the windows wide open, which caused Danny to start scolding and accusing. Danny claims that the wind stole the pen he had been using to draw pictures, and he was quite upset about it. He spent the rest of the trip home railing against the wind's thievery of his pen.

We got home and I unloaded the groceries and then asked the kids what they wanted for lunch, whereupon Danny said, "No, Mommy, no lunch. I have to write a letter to the wind." This is the transcript of Danny's letter of complaint to the wind:

Dear Wind:

Go away! I want my pen back! You were naughty to steal my pen. Go in timeout right now!! You better give me my pen back!


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