Thursday, June 19, 2008

My bilingual kid

Last night, we were all outside playing in the beautiful 80 degree weather. Danny had gone to the backyard to play while Bil and Charlotte were playing catch in the front. Bil yelled for Danny to ask him if he wanted to play, and I hear Charlotte's little high-pitched voice saying, "Danny, haih bindou a?" which is "Danny, where are you?" in Cantonese. Totally shocked me that she had picked up a Cantonese phrase, which I use here and there in my daily speech. I know I am a nerd, but there are certain words that are so satisfying to say, that feel much more appropriate to particular situations, if that makes sense... And I suppose it is a small way to practice my Cantonese.


Amy Jane said...


Well, if you're a nerd, then I'm right up there with you. I'm all the time sprinkling German, French, Spanish, and the occasional Italian words and phrases into my speech, with the hopes that Nick will pick up on a little of it. He actually says "nein" more often than "no" now. :) Language nerds of the world, unite!


Susan from Food Blogga said...

Are you currently learning Cantonese? I think you giving your children an invaluable gift by teaching them another language.