Monday, July 7, 2008

Native Daughter

I recently read online that author Stephenie Meyer describes her three young sons as "chimpanzees on cocaine." I liked that. I often compare my two darlings to wild animals or cavemen. They sometimes just seem so primal.

Today was a perfect example. I had a bit of leftover chocolate cake and let the kids have some for a snack after nap time. Charlotte was completely naked, because that is what she does: she constantly sheds her clothes and diaper whenever she can, and most especially during nap time, which has led to more than one nasty episode involving dirty sheets and an irate mom.

I hand Charlotte her plate with a piece of cake on it and she promptly drops it frosting side down. When she picks up the cake, all the frosting is left behind on the floor. What does she do? She squats on her haunches and merrily scrapes frosting off the floor and eats it, in the buff. I have a couple of great pictures of her wearing nothing but chocolate all over her face, devouring cake off the floor with a glint in her eye.

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Amy Jane said...


Ah...I wondered at your silence, and now it's explained. I hope you had a good time in Chicago!

Thank you so much for finding the kickboxing class - do you want to go with me? Do they mind if we just "crash" it? What time is it? And did you happen to ask how much it costs? Sorry for all the questions! I'm also still planning on going to spinning Monday morning with the girls - hope you can maybe go to that, too.

As for Saturday morning, even if you can't get away from the house, I can just come over and hang out, assuming you don't mind. I don't have any other plans that morning! :)

I think Carrie is planning the Firefly for Monday evening, so you and I need to pick another evening to go out to dinner, and then we can eat at your house the other two.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do Sunday morning - would it be appropriate for me to go to church with you, if I feel like it? What would I need to wear? What time do you go?

As for other plans, I'm really open and don't want to "overplan." Just whatever floats our boat, really. I would love to have you come swimming at the hotel, and that stuff you talked about in Greenup sounds interesting. Of course, if we could manage to get to Tuscola/Champaign, that would be great, but if not, no big whoop. Is anything going on at that new civic center where you attended that concert? What about movies playing at the Heart? We'll figure it out when I'm there.

I can't wait!