Wednesday, August 20, 2008

haircuts and pop tarts

I just deleted a post that was really pretty negative. I realized that I myself have been pretty negative lately and I want to remedy this. I don't believe in just ignoring negative things or pretending that they don't happen, Pollyanna-style, but on the other hand, focusing on the negative at the exclusion of all the blessings and good things in life can be pretty miserable. Just ask my husband. He can attest that I have been a major crab lately, though he probably wouldn't because he is much too gentlemanly. I do not deserve him.

My kids helped me to pay attention to the beauty in life this morning. When I woke up, I went to the couch and read a bit while the kids slept in. I heard Danny get up and go into Char's room and then they both came looking for me. When they found me, they joined me on the couch and both the kids snuggled with me without fighting over who would sit in my lap. It was wonderful.

We also had a couple of breakthroughs with Danny in the last 24 hours. Last night, we decided to give Danny his much-needed haircut. While we discussed the haircut with Danny, he actually said to us, "I don't want a haircut. I don't like the noise!" This was the first time he had ever actually told us why he hated haircuts so much. I pretty much figured it was the noise of the hair clippers, but it was so great to have him tell us. Then, I gave him the option of us using scissors. He wasn't totally on board with that; he would have much preferred no haircut at all, but it was definitely the least of the two evils for him.

So, with much coaxing and a few bribes, Danny sat down in front of a video and let me cut his hair. It was the best haircut, in terms of Danny's cooperation, that we have ever given him. In terms of how the hair looked, that is another story. I don't know anything at all about hair cuttery (is that a word?), so I am sure if a professional examined his hair, they would be horrified. But, at least we can see his ears again and he no longer has a tail. I will be soon investing in hair cutting scissors (my scrapbooking/sewing scissors were way too big) and checking out a book on hair cutting from the library. I am so thrilled that we have found an alternative to the hair clippers that Danny seems able to live with, albeit a bit begrudgingly. At least there was virtually no screaming during the haircut. A bit of moaning and whining, but no screaming. Major breakthrough.

The second exciting piece of news is that Danny actually tried a whole grain Pop-Tart this morning. This is the first time I have ever bought Pop-Tarts. I think they are just one step short of a donut or cinnamon roll and not nearly as yummy. But, I thought I would try them for a quick breakfast for Charlotte. They were ok; we definitely won't be buying them often--I think the "whole grain" thing was a bit of a misnomer, but that's beside the point. What surprised me was that Danny ate half of one. He actually tried something new and ate it without a struggle! You may think this not much of an accomplishment seeing as how Pop-Tarts are so sugary; how can any kid refuse. But, you don't know Danny. He won't eat pudding or ice cream with chunks. He will only eat certain kinds of cookies and refuses many types of cakes, especially if they have Cool Whip on them. He is really picky, even with his desserts. So, I was quite pleased that he tried it. That is our goal right now: get him to TRY foods. If he doesn't like them, fine, but if he could at least try the stuff, I am sure we would stumble upon something he would like.


Anonymous said...

We've had problems with haircuts too but I think we're on our way to being over that too.

Is Danny receiving private OT? One of things we just started doing with Chee again this week is Therapeutic Listening. It's for sound sensitivities and it's considered (according to our OT) the most direct way to attack the sound stuff. If you've not tried it, you might inquire of Danny's OT.

I read your earlier post this morning and was going to comment. I'll leave it at that - I can relate to much of what you shared. And I feel guilty too.

kia (good enough mama) said...

Oh, yay! Haircuts without tears are huge cause for celebration! Yay Danny!

And I can completely understand your joy at his trying new foods. Little Man hasn't tried a new food in at least a year or two. Like Danny, you could offer LM all kinds of yummy, sinful treats and he'd tell you that he doesn't like it without even trying it. So whatever the food, trying something new is a great accomplishment!

Good for you for looking for the positive in life today! I could take a page out of that book!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Lots of great news from your camp! It really does help to focus on the positive, otherwise, I think moms would all lose their minds. I know I sure would.