Saturday, September 27, 2008

danny's funny

This morning we have all been really lazy, lying around in bed, snuggling and staying warm under our comforter. I got up to get Charlotte breakfast and then went back to bed. The kids joined us at different times and Danny especially enjoyed the snuggling. After Charlotte ate her breakfast she came in to tell us that she had a dirty diaper. Bil got up to change it and as he was doing so, Danny exclaimed loudly, while watching Bil, "What's up with all that poop?!?!?"

My sentiments exactly.

Because we laughed so hard, Charlotte has now decided to repeat, "What's up with all that poop?!?!?" every five minutes.

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mrsbear said...

Sometimes I ask myself that same question. It's a valid inquiry. lol. Congrats on the restful relaxin'.