Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Pity the Fool!!!

After my last ranting blog post, I decided I needed a little boost. So, Bil and I, after finishing the New York Times crossword puzzle, decided to watch the first (and only) season of Mr. T's I Pity the Fool, which Bil got for his birthday from my brother. It was just what I needed: a really good laugh. Also, some of you wondered if my emotions had anything to do with hormones and I can defintely attest to that. In spite of the hilarity of the video, I found myself actually choking up in parts, especially in the episode where Mr. T teaches some teenagers to respect their mother.

Bil and I have a strange fascination with Mr. T. It all started when Bil found a VHS copy of Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool for a quarter at a garage sale. It was like we had found a rare treasure, which actually isn't too far from the truth; the video sells for something like $30 on ebay.

Anyway, this youtube clip is from that video and it never fails to entertain me. If any of you feel like the role of mother is underestimated in our society, rest assured that Mr. T cherishes and honors mothers. In rap form. With 80s style backup singers. And lots of gold chains. Check it out!


Susan said...

Treat her right treat your mother right- you understand now I am enjoying this. Two weeks of it stuck in me head I will go ape....

Amy Jane said...


I needed a good laugh today, and that did it!

Treat her right; treat your mother right! Treat her right, treat her right!

I especially love the way Mr. T sounds so angry and displays absolutely no emotion on his face whatsoever. :) The exploding faux snake was also a snazzy touch.

Thank you!

mrsbear said...

Where the heck are my back rubs and chocolates? Treat me right, that's what I'm talking about. Where's Mr. T when you need him. That video rocked. I love the too tight too short cutoff jeans. He's my hero, though he needs to work on his rap just a little. ;-)

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

This is seriously funny! You should have linked it up on my Wednesday meme!

Elizabeth Channel said...

My children are watching this in the morning.

That's how seriously I'm taking Mr. T's message.