Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and other stuff

These are some cupcakes I made for Danny's class party today. Actually, this is a picture I found on google, but they look exactly like the ones I made. Bil taught me how to download pictures from the camera onto the computer, but I can't remember how. I know, pathetic. I have also forgotten how to burn a cd. I think the problem is deep down, I know Bil will always do these technical tasks for me, so maybe I don't really attend to his lessons. Terrible, I know, but not much different than he is about domestic chores and keeping track of the kids' doctors, shoe size, etc., right? I like to think of it as job security or maintaining our symbiotic relationship. Whatever.

Anyway, I will have the winners from my giveaway posted tonight or tomorrow. Bil is helping me make my final choices. There were so many good entries, I am having a hard time deciding, which is nothing new for me. I have, however, decided to choose more than one winner. The grand prize winner will receive a brush, along with some other goodies, while the runners-up will get a smaller prize, but one that will definitely include one of those brushes. Thanks to everyone who posted a comment. I guess the way to get more comments and readers is to give stuff away.


kia (good enough mama) said...

Hiya! You won a book! Come by and see!!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Those look yummy! I wanted to tell you that your comment on my "what in the world is God doing" post really inspired me. It is just amazing how He uses things to guide us and give us the support and help we need. Thank you for sharing that, it really blessed me.

How are you doing physically and otherwise with the pregnancy? I have been thinking about you.

Elizabeth Channel said...

So creative! I'm impressed!