Sunday, October 12, 2008

A letter from Carol Kranowitz (SPD guru)

Dear Patty,

Once parents figure out that SPD is the underlying cause of their sensational child's unusual behavior at home and school, often life begins to get better. The scariest thing is not knowing... Mister Rogers used to croon, "I like to be told if it's going to hurt," and we all can agree to that! Learning about SPD helps the whole family support the child.

Sometimes it takes a while to read a book about SPD, schedule an assessment to get a diagnosis or treatment plan, or start therapy. If that is the case, don't wait -- you can help right away. Lucy Jane Miller, Kathleen Morris, and other marvelous therapists suggest ideas like these:

1) Use natural settings, such as the playground, backyard, and kitchen for sensory-motor fun. Outside is always better -- for everything, in my view -- and inside works, too, of course. (My books, "The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun" and "The Goodenoughs Get in Sync" have lots of suggestions for families at home. Also, Bonnie Arnwine's "Starting SI Therapy: Fun Activities that Won't Destroy Your Home" is excellent.)

2) Apply deep pressure touch by physically rolling, hugging, pressing, and squeezing your child.

3) Offer heavy work activities, such as pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying laundry baskets, grocery bags, leaf bags, vacuum cleaners, strollers, etc.

4) Provide many, many opportunities for movement activities, such as swinging, pumping, jumping, running, tumbling, climbing, stretching, digging, crawling, sliding, and gentle roughhousing.

Be there and have fun together!
Warm regards,


autismfamily said...

Nice letter from Carol. I have the having fun book and plan on going over it again. I also have a sensory answers book that I need to read.

One that I like and refer to often is practical strategies and sensory motor activities for use in the classroom. I think I will let teacher borrow it next week. It is by McGraw-Hill.

Anonymous said...

Very nice letter. I had forgotten about the OOS Child Has Fun. I may need to break down and buy that as last time I checked it was checked out and had like 6 holds on it at the library.

Thanks for writing to Carol and sharing her letter with us.

lonestar818 said...

Great advice, I know #2 and #4 are especially helpful for our boys.

I loved her book, The Out of Sync Child. I read it when our twins were first diagnosed, and found it very insightful and helpful. Looks like you've got some great posts on SPD here, I'll be back to read in more detail!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Patty, these are great suggestions for me, even though my child does not have SPD. Thanks for posting this and giving me an idea of what may be helpful for some of his friends.