Friday, October 3, 2008

Sensory Processing Disorder

October is Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Month, (C'mon, you knew it was only a matter of time. EVERY disorder seems to have a month dedicated to it now) and while to some it may seem a bit extreme that an entire month be devoted to SPD, I, for one, am excited about it. I personally believe this disorder affects a lot more kids (and even adults) than we know and I think it is vital that parents understand it so that they can detect it in their own children. Also, there is a lot of information about SPD that can help all kids, since we all, at one time or another, struggle with sensory overload. Many techniques that work on SPD kids work on people of all ages and situations. Also, with the prevalence of kids who have sensory processing problems, chances are you may at some time work or deal with a kid with these problems

So, I have decided to spend some time this month blogging about SPD. Kathleen Morris, editor of SI Focus magazine has graciously agreed to be interviewed by me, as have a couple of mothers of SPD kids. I also plan on posting some book reviews and whatever else I can think of that would educate others about SPD. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. And if any of you would like to be interviewed or write a guest post about SPD, just drop me a line.


hellokittiemama said...

It has its own month now?

Wow. Movin' up in the world.

I'll blog about this too!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Good for you! Let me know how I can participate!

Anonymous said...

I will blog- Working on it this weekend

autismfamily said...

I have been writing about Sensory processing disorder and did not think of mentioning that it was the month for awareness. Might have to go back and add that to my article.

I have many books on the subject and a few DVDs.

Did you attend the ICDL post conference with Rosemary White this past spring? I did both the conference with Stanley Greenspan and then post conference. My notes are found on my site as well under Sensory Processing Disorders