Friday, October 17, 2008

SPD Awareness Month Giveaway!

I have been brainstorming ideas for the rest of October to get the word out about SPD and I came up with the idea of a giveaway. It helps that I just recently received a package from Southpaw and in it were 12 of these:

It is a Wilbarger brush which you can use to administer the Wilbarger Brushing Technique. Have any of you tried this? Well, my sister swears by it, so I ordered the brushes not realizing just how many brushes come in a package. So, I am going to share my bounty with one lucky reader. And if you don't do the brushing technique, never fear: these brushes would be great for just some fun tactile activities.

I am also going to include a small container of Theraputty and some other fun sensory toys. And never one to neglect the champions of these SPD kids, I will include goodies for an overworked mother (some peppermint foot rub, anyone?).

So, here are the rules. All you have to do is reply to this email by Thursday, October 30. The winner will be announced on Halloween. In the reply I would love it if you would share the weirdest activity your kids like to participate in that is sensory-related. For example, if it were me, I would tell you how my kids love to strip down naked and have me spray my yoga mat (which incidentally, is never used for yoga anymore) with shaving cream. They then proceed to slip and slide and roll around in it to the point where the kids are literally covered up to their necks with shaving cream. They look like they are wearing wet suits.

Or you could also share the wackiest mess your child has made. C'mon, I need a good laugh and I need to know I am not the only one out there who went through a phase where her kid smeared Butt Paste on his face repeatedly. Seriously, I got to the point where I could smell Butt Paste through closed doors and I would know that Danny had somehow managed to sniff out our hiding places for the stuff. And that stuff ain't cheap! Did get some great pictures, though.

I will have my husband help me choose the lucky winner, who will then need to send me his/her address. Please spread the word. I would love to see a lot of comments for this SPD Awareness Month giveaway. Thanks! Who knows, if I get a lot of responses, maybe I will give away more than one prize.


Denise said...

Patty, don't know if this counts as SPD stuff...but MY personal favorite is the backyard mud "anything" game. I remember once where Jordan and Spencer were BOTH making mud angels....thankfully it was one of those picture moments instead of lash out moments. NOW, mud is the best of all best at our house. Another personal favorite was "skiing" down the mud hill into the mud puddle (if you could term it a was more like a mini pond). They would hold the rope from the playground and ski down the "slope" (complete with ruts for each foot) and let go into the mud, splashing and getting muddy from head to toe. When I see them changing clothes into grubby ones and I hear the hose running...I know what laundry day is tomorrow.
As far as SPD? Hmm....probably need to do a lot more with Spencer! But at least you got a laugh out of these experiences...and you should really send Danny and Charlotte over when we get in these moods. Can't believe it hasn't happened WITH them yet!

collette said...

Wandered over here through Kia's blog. I've been meaning to get me one of those brushes, so I'm commenting ;) said...

I take a old roll of wrapping paper I am tired of unroll it and have fun. Roll around wrap self up- crinkle FUN

Elizabeth Channel said...

Neat giveaway! Count me in!

Well, not to copy Denise, mud is the grandest treat over here. We, too, cover ourselves in mud, dug to find Atlantis, slide in mud--you name it!

(At least Denise's children change into grubby clothes first...)

kia (good enough mama) said...

Well, since Little Man is sensory-defensive for the most part, he doesn't make messes, really. Seriously, I know it's all kinds of crazy, but my kid just ISN'T messy. Feck, it's probably the OCD crap, mixed in with the SPD crap. Crap all over.

Anyhoozles, the funniest thing my kiddo does is dance around naked. Well, naked except for the foam swords that are attached by their handles around his ankles. Can you picture this? I can't really give you a photo, 'cause that would be creepy, but try to picture it, ok? A buck-naked kid with swords dangling from both ankles. And he spins and jumps around, awkwardly of course, and shouts,

"On guard! Captain Sword-O is here! He will defeat you, feeble feckers!"

Ok, so the last sentence is a lie. The rest is true, though.

So I win, right? RIGHT???!!! :)

Seriously, I've been wanting to try the brushing with Little Man but haven't found a cheap way to order the brushes all the way up here in the Great White North Eskimo-and-Polar-Bears-Only-Land, aka Canaduh. I NEED to win this. C'mon. Pick me. I'll give you my first born.....

kia (good enough mama) said...

P.S. I LOVE this idea of giving something away for SPD awareness. I might have to copy you!! :)

Elizabeth Channel said...

Yep. Can I copy you too?

Pretty please!

Patty O. said...

Feel free to copy my idea. Maybe then I can win on your site. Heehee. Great stories, guys! My head is filled with visions of kids covered in mud and a naked bucanneer with ankle swords. I am so glad to know mine is not the only raving lunatic home around!!

P.S. Send your friends to the giveaway. Seriously, I may just make up a couple of prizes if I get a good turnout. I didn't realize the way to get people to comment was to give away stuff. I guess that is a no-brainer...

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Patty, you are great! And so funny. Thanks for your inspiration. {I'm not entering the contest, just wanted to tell you that! :)}

Feener said...

hummm. my 4 year old has spd, she is a seeker. one of her issues is that she doesn't like to get wet - she doesn't want to pee b/c she doesn't ever feel dry after peeing ??? lord help. So her solution is that she stuffs toilet paper (maybe i should give her a maxi pad) in her undies and she is good to go. now if she gets her shirt wet (oh wait she won't wear shirts she only wears smooth dresses), she stuffs her dress with paper towels. life is challenging with spd, but i do see the problem solving as somewhat genius.

Feener said...

hummm. my 4 year old has spd, she is a seeker. one of her issues is that she doesn't like to get wet - she doesn't want to pee b/c she doesn't ever feel dry after peeing ??? lord help. So her solution is that she stuffs toilet paper (maybe i should give her a maxi pad) in her undies and she is good to go. now if she gets her shirt wet (oh wait she won't wear shirts she only wears smooth dresses), she stuffs her dress with paper towels. life is challenging with spd, but i do see the problem solving as somewhat genius.

CC said...

Don't bother entering me, I just want to say "hi"! I'm a Speech Pathologist and just found your blog from a comment you had left on another blog. Nice to meet you!

thedomesticfringe said...

I've never seen one of these brushes or heard of them, but I love a contest. The biggest mess my kids have made has been with packing peanuts. They tore an entire box into little tiny pieces and played in them like they were snowflakes. What a mess! You can never actually sweep them all up either.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Hey! Just tagged you for a "Random Meme!" Please don't feel like you have to do it--just participate if you feel like it and have time! Cheers!

Kim said...

Ok, it's not really wacky but my son drives around 2liter bottles of water. I made him several bottles filled 3/4 of the way with water added a few drops of different food coloring to each and then each has a different thing such as glitter, sequins or buttons in them. He gets odd looks from the neighbors as we moves them from one of his Tonka trucks to the other, stopping in between to shake them up and watch the stuff swirl around inside. It is a good tactile, vestibular visual activity for him. And I think he looks awfully coat loading and unloading the bottle from his trucks.

autismfamily said...

good contest, just noticed it from the reminder post. I want to start brushing my son and found some you tube videos that would help guide me. Anyway I remembered a bit ago something my now 13 yr old used to do.

He started doing this the same time the Rugrats video with the Mother pregnant. He would go into the other room next to living room and gather all his stuffed animals and place them under his belly like being pregnant and then lie on his stomach and roll back and forth.

It was quite interesting and I never got a picture of it, but still have the visual.

My other son does many things so it is hard to pin point one that is unusual.

Jaimie said...

My daughter loves to stand on her head. She is almost 2 and she spends about 80% of her life upside down :)

I don't know if that is interesting enough but it is fun to watch :)

goodfountain said...

Hey! I just remembered I need to come over here and enter for the giveaway. Chee is really into brushing her skin again these days and we're constantly hunting for those darn brushes!

From a Sensory standpoint the strangest thing Chee does is she likes to eat her food frozen. She likes to eat waffles straight from the freezer. The other day my Mom was here and she was finishing up dinner (I know, I know, I'm spoiled) and Chee asked for peas. My mom was saying she'd give her some when they were ready and Chee said, No, I want them now, I want them cold. She ate about a half a cup of frozen peas. When she was younger and we used to have a bottom freezer she'd open it and pull out frozen fish sticks. Ick!

lonestar818 said...

Count me in!

I wouldn't recommend this as a recreational activity but my youngest loves to lick things. A few examples:

- sidewalks
- pavement (he drops fast, I can't always catch him before he gets his tongue full of rocks, eww)
- car doors (the outside)
- cabinet knobs
- carpet
- toilet paper holders
- blankets
- my laptop keyboard

plus toys, the usual, etc.

For my twins, one of their favorite activities is "couch gymnastics" basically rearranging all the couch cushions into a playground where they can slide, bounce, climb, hang upside-down, create pillow-forts, and jump off of the couch crashing into pillow-piles. Sensory-seekers, those two!

colleenfelz said...

I am laughing so hard at all of the comments here - mostly because this sounds like my life. I am so glad that I stumbled on your blog!

My 4 year old daughter is a sensory seeker. She has done some interesting sensory things in her short life:
1. Has spread hand sanitizing gel all over her bedroom.
2. Plays dress up by taking off all of her clothes and puts on a hat.
3. Bites or licks the dog or me.
4. Eats frozen vegetables, warmed milk, and cold everything else.
5. Must use a sippy cup because she pours the drink out or dips something in it.
6. Refuses to wear most underwear and once showed up at church in a fancy dress without any underwear, which the staff discovered when she sat crisscross applesauce on the floor.
7. Often tackles friends when trying to hug them.

The list goes on! Thanks for your post. It is both encouraging and informative.

Mo Mommy said...

I am so SO happy I somehow ended up here as well!
No interesting messes for us, just messes. My "quirky" son has never ever allowed us to keep his room clean. He will immediately dump every item he owns right back onto the floor. After his diagnosis and his first visit with the OT I was told this is pretty normal behavior for a kid like him. Finally, someone with some sense. And an excuse not to bother cleaning!

Amy said...

My 5yo son is a sensory seeker. Some of the things he does/has done looking for that impact include:

1. Routinely rubs rug burns into his forehead during rest time at kindergarten

2. Once smeared chewed up circus peanuts on his face. The mess was so sugary and sticky that it stuck one eye open and one eye closed.

3. Sleeps without a pillow because he prefers a hard mattress to a soft pillow.

Shellie said...

I just had to laugh at all the comments, they were all so familiar. I just can't decide what to say here, there are so very many possibilities. That's why I started a blog-too many stories. I try to spread them out so no one will have us locked up in some padded cell. The mud came to mind and the water. The boys play with water all the time. The sink in the winter, the hose to make a lake in the sandbox in the summer. One of my twins dismantles everything. He has taken apart remote controls and chewed on the rubber keypad piece that fits inside it until it's in pieces. Is that weird enough for you? Then there's the spraying tubes of yogurt all over your room and your siblings. Or jumping out the second story window. One of the most ingenious ones though was taking a jersey knit sheet and hooking and tying it into the slats of the upper bunk of a bunk bed to form a little hammock to swing in.

~ April ~ said...

We actually met with an OT for the first time this morning. My 2yo definitely has some sensory issues going on, and is very sensory-seeking.

Like lonestar's son, he's a licker. Favorite places to lick include the inside of the dishwasher, shoes, and the floor of the shower. *shudder*

I'm hoping that brushing as well as some other things will help make him less anxious and tense.

Awesome blog!