Saturday, November 1, 2008

political mudslinging

First off, I promise to post the winners of the giveaway soon. Sorry about the delay. My husband was not feeling well last night, and as I am having him make the final decision, it will have to wait until tonight.

Until then, I have something I want to vent about. First off, let me say that I am not all that thrilled with either presidential candidate. I have problems with both McCain and Obama and even Palin and Biden. There is not one single candidate in the Democratic or Republican Parties with whom I agree wholeheartedly.

That said, I am really annoyed with all the anti-Obama emails I keep getting. If these emails and websites focused on the issues and were truthful, I wouldn't have a problem with them. But, this couldn't be further from the truth. Obama is NOT a terrorist, or even a Muslim (though I do take issue with people equating terrorists and Muslims, as if they were the same thing). Why do people have to make up lies about the candidates? Can't we let their stances on the major issues speak for themselves and guide our choices?

These anti-Obama people must be getting pretty desperate, because my cousin just sent me yet another email that was ludicrous in its accusations. On one page of the slide show, they have Obama's name with a bunch of images, including an image of a peace sign (how that is insulting, I have no clue) and an image of a marijuana leaf (I am not sure what they are getting at with this one), along with a Union Yes sign (I didn't realize that unions were all evil now. Good thing I no longer belong to the teachers' union...).

The next page actually asserts that Obama (and the Democratic Party, in general) is to blame for the economic crisis we are now in. This is insulting to me. Do they really think I will believe that some Senator or even an entire party has control over the economy? I don't even think we could accurately put all the blame on the President's head, and he has way more power than some lowly Senator. Please. What bugs me about this is that the economic problems we are now facing have been years in the making, and many, many people have contributed to the problem. I don't think we can solely blame the government for this. In fact, I think we should look at what we as American citizens have done to contribute, or at least what we can do to help with the problem. I mean, would we really have this foreclosure crisis if people didn't take out mortgage loans that they really couldn't afford? Sure, the banks had no business giving out those loans, in my opinion, but it isn't as if they were forcing people to take them.

I am obviously not an economist or an expert on politics, but it is hard for me to believe that some politicians rigged the economy so that there would be a crisis just a month before the election, which is also what this website implies. Do they really think there is some conspiracy going on and that these Democrats are that smart that they know how to manipulate the economy to do exactly as they want? It doesn't make sense and I don't see how the Democrats will benefit. This crisis is affecting everyone, even other countries.

It should probably have raised a red flag that this website gives no sources for its outlandish claims (including a claim that if Obama wins, Islam will be the fastest growing religion in America. I wonder how Obama plans to do that.) It doesn't even say who is responsible for the website, another red flag.

Well, I will quit ranting and just say that it irks me that people would just blindly believe this garbage without even researching it. I have friends and family who believe this just because Obama scares them. It's fine if his stances on abortion or health care or the economy don't jibe with your beliefs. Then don't vote for him, but why do people have to make things up and drag his name through the mud? As I said before, why can't we stay focused on the issues? Aren't those important enough on which to base our decisions?


Anonymous said...

The truth is mud-slinging hurts it doesn't help- especially those that are so ill-researched and just plain WRONG. I have gotten so many e-mail, looked on fact check or snopes and found they were FALSE.
AUGGH Wednesday can not come soon enough!

mrsbear said...

I hate when people spread misinformation. My grandparent's who don't speak English are especially susceptible to the propaganda. They're recent citizens, but there's so much that they don't get. I remember last election they warned me not to vote Democrat, because they were communists and then Bush might ship me to Cuba. I swear, they weren't kidding. They were very concerned.

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

My mom sent me one of those racist e-mails about Obama being some sort of terrorist who is really plotting to take over America. WTF? Come on. I am not a McCain supporter but I still think that anyone who is willing to run for president has good intentions. I agree with you, stick with the issues, and stay rational.

Only one more day...

Shellie said...

I agree, mudslinging is so childish and counter productive! And all the garbage is not only emails but stuff you read in the news and everywhere. Personally I think we should make both candidates and their VP choices have to run the country together so we could get over all this partisanship. Really, all the problems were made by both parties over a long time and by US the American people. Why doesn't everyone just shape up?