Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Char's shenanigans

Sunday as I prepared to dress Charlotte for church, I pulled out a couple of outfits, hoping that giving her a choice would entice her to cooperate a bit more. (Despite the cold weather, she still much prefers to be naked. I am not sure what to do about this. And typically dresses are her least favorite type of clothing. Can't really blame her there...) Completely out of the blue she informs me that she would like to wear a sparkly dress. Luckily, I remembered tucked away in the back of her closet an uber-fancy sparkly dress that a coworker of my sister's gave us back when Charlotte was born. I pulled it out to show her, convinced that there was no way on earth she would wear this dress. All the sparkles and bows made the dress really stiff and scratchy. I was sure she would prefer a nice cuddly sweater.

Well, not only did she wear the dress, but she LOVED it. When we asked if she liked it she said yes and then proclaimed, "The only thing more exciting would be if I had a pink balloon." Perhaps she will develop a taste for girly things after all.

She has also developed the habit of quoting her favorite movies. Her cartoon of choice at the moment, besides Teletubbies, is Kipper the Dog, a really cute PBS cartoon about a British dog, Kipper, and his friends. Now, here in our house, we are no strangers to quoting movies. Bil does it all the time and Danny loves quoting movies so much that at one time we were worried that it was a sign of autism. The funny thing about Charlotte is that when she quotes Kipper, she actually affects a British accent, which sounds unbearably adorable coupled with her little girl voice and her tendency to mispronounce words.

She definitely keeps life interesting here, along with her brother.


Amy Jane said...

Gotta love that sparkle! Patty, thank you so much for your comments on my blog! I got your Xmas newsletter today, and loved it! You and Bil are so funny and clever. It's definitely a keeper.

Anonymous said...

We love KIPPER too! Such a cute dog!

lonestar said...

How cute, I'm glad she liked the dress! Two of my boys prefer to wear as little as possible too, regardless of the weather. They pretty much start stripping down as soon as they walk in the door. Then there is my other son who is always fully dressed, including hat and bandana, and even went through a phase of wearing gloves every day for a while - in the summer of all times. He doesn't like pants though, he prefers shorts and every winter the transition to wearing pants is a big ordeal.

I haven't seen Kipper the Dog, it sounds cute!

Kim said...

How adorable. Sounds like the princess trend may be about to hit your house.

Elizabeth said...

That totally made me laugh out loud! Betsy