Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I forgot to take my happy pill today

I am in a bad mood. Actually, a mood that feels a lot like the mood I get in when I am PMSing. Is it possible that along with the pregnancy weight gain, sciatica problems and heartburn, I am still to be subjected to my PMS rages? Doesn't seem fair at all. On the way home from the grocery shopping trip from hell, I was composing this post in my head; it was full of vitriol and anger and wasn't pretty.

When I got home, though, I changed my mind. I remembered the post I wrote about being grateful and not blowing things out of proportion and thought this would be a good time to practice what I preach. So what that the checkout lady at Wal-Mart seemed to deliberately slow down once I got to the front of the line and once she noticed my little girl acting like a demon? Big deal that the woman in front of us in the checkout lane stopped her cart with her son in it and seriously stared at me while I ran to retrieve my daughter from the optical department? And she kept staring as I dragged my daughter back to the checkout lane. I am sure she had a fabulous reason, like I don't know, maybe she used this as a teaching moment for her small son. I can hear her saying, "Now, Jimmy, that is exactly how you shouldn't act in public. That little girl is obviously a wild animal and we should feel sorry for her that her mommy has absolutely no control over her. See how lucky you are that you don't have a mommy like that?" It's not the end of the world that Charlotte kept running away from me at both stores we visited, right?

OK, enough of my bitterness. Instead, I am going to write about all the wonderful moments I had with my family this holiday weekend. So, here are a few in no particular order. Hopefully, this, along with the copious amounts of chocolate I bought after our escapades in Wal-Mart, should cheer me up.

** Sunday morning, I was awakened to the most excited little boy ever. Danny was thrilled to wake up to find that it had snowed the night before. He said, "Mommy, mommy, wake up! It snowed! There is snow on the ground." He climbed into bed with me and Bil, snuggled under the covers and we looked out the window at all the pretty snow. It really touched me that the first person he wanted to share his excitement with was me. And talk about turning something that could be construed as an inconvenience into something magical!

** Charlotte's third birthday was Sunday, but we decided to celebrate it on Saturday. One of our birthday traditions is we buy the kids a bunch of balloons--at least 10 helium balloons and we blow up a bunch for the floor. Then, while they are sleeping, we fill the kids' room with balloons. It never fails to delight them when they wake up to find balloons everywhere. Charlotte kept squealing, "Balloons! Balloons! Yay!" She definitely spent more time playing with her balloons than with her birthday presents.

** Watching Danny play with the new kitchen set we bought Charlotte was really fun. Once the shopping cart was put together, he asked me to join him on his shopping spree and we wandered through the house with a cart full of fake food. Then, he insisted that he needed money for his shopping and he filled Char's new purse with Monopoly money and some loose change.

** When Charlotte finally got hold of her new purse (which Bil bought and is denim and glittery with a butterfly and flower on it--exactly the type of purse Charlotte would love) she emptied out all the money so she could put her stuffed kitty cats in it. Then, she emptied out the cart and filled it with her three Care Bears, and happily carted them throughout the house.

** Several times this weekend, Charlotte and Danny engaged in one of their newest favorite games. The concept is simple. They chase each other throughout the house laughing hysterically. This game has kept them busy for upwards of an hour. You can't help but laugh along while you listen to their amusement. Plus, it was nice to know they were wearing themselves out.

** Seeing the kids' delight and excitement when we brought out Char's birthday cake was wonderful. My ever talented husband made Charlotte a Grumpy Bear cake. He drew the bear on the cake all by himself. I just made the frosting for him. And it turned out great. The kids loved it.

** Charlotte said to Danny, "I love you very much, Danny!" in her sweet little girl voice. And then, to cheer him up (he had just woken up and was a bit grumpy) she shared her precious kitty cat with him.

** Watching the kids decorate the enormous Wilton snowman cookies with the kit that their grandma sent them was so fun. Danny was so excited that when we called grandma to thank her, he grabbed the phone out of Bil's hand and said clearly and with no prompting, "Grandma, thank you for the snowman cookies. I love them! Talk to you later." Charlotte was too busy eating spoonfuls of frosting to say much on the phone, but my mother-in-law was touched nonetheless.

** We made a gratitude tree last week to teach the kids about the meaning of Thanksgiving. The answers they gave me when I asked them what they were thankful for were a combination of sweet and silly. Charlotte was grateful for Teletubbies, Care Bears and grandma. Danny said he was thankful for friends, maple syrup and Jesus. How sweet is that? (Though maybe I should add that neither of them said they were thankful for me or Bil until I prompted them, but still...)

** Bil made me take a nap while he slaved over dinner: a gourmet pizza with turkey, pine nuts, goat cheese and pesto, along with a homemade whole wheat crust. Heavenly.

** We decorated our Christmas tree. Again. When I discovered that we had no tree this year, Danny and I decorated a little 3 foot tree I had. I had thought to save money and just use that little tree, but when I discovered a tree on sale at Wal-mart for $25, Bil ventured out on Black Friday and bought it for us. So, after dismantling the little tree, we put up and decorated the big tree. Danny was delighted, and kept pointing out to me that we had already decorated "yesterday" and that we were doing it again. How nice that it wasn't a chore to decorate twice.

There. I actually do feel a lot better, and I didn't even finish all the chocolate. I guess being grateful really does make me happy. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Hey! Who needs a happy pill when you've got adorable moments like that to help you cling to your sanity? LOL

I'm telling you ... parallel lives!

beckbot said...

Way to look on the bright side, Patty! I've been thinking back on the days when my kids were smaller and really wishing I had enjoyed it more then, because now I really miss having something Very Important to do all day (even if at the time it was more like Very Stressful.)

Kim said...

What a great way to relieve stress and make yourself feel better. Those are all fanstic moments that would make anyone smile.

mrsbear said...

I was pretty angry my last pregnancy too. The hormones are crazy. Great way to talk yourself down. All your happy moments sound really sweet, and the delicious pizza made me hungry. I am understanding your Walmart comment a little better now. lol. Yeah, Walmart can definitely suck the fun out of the season. Glad you're feeling better.

Amy Jane said...


What a wonderful post! I loved reading all your snippets of goodness. And thank goodness, indeed, for friends, maple syrup, and Jesus! :)

BTW, have I mentioned that I despise you for having a husband who can and does make things like the pizza you described? My husband makes Easy Mac.

Anonymous said...

Fun Times! My kids chase each other around too, in circles. Sometimes it is a race and sometimes a football game. The football game usally ends in tears though!

Elizabeth Channel said...

That pizza sounds wonderful, and I love the Thankful Tree idea!

Shellie said...

Now those are some awesome wonderful things (Well just pretend we don't really shop, right?)