Monday, December 1, 2008

musical nightmares?

Charlotte has been having a lot of nightmares lately. At least, I am assuming they are nightmares. She wakes up screaming and seems really scared. The other night, I ran to comfort her and she kept repeating in a semi-hysterical tone, "I bonked my music. Mommy, I bonked my music!!" Later in the day after she had fully recovered from the nightmare, I asked her why she was crying when she woke up and she just repeated the line about bonking her music. I have no idea what that means.

Two days later, she yet again woke up at about 4AM yelling hysterically. This time I heard her repeating, "Sing with me! Sing with me!"

It makes me wonder what she could possibly be dreaming about. Is Barney holding her hostage and making her sing to him? Maybe she is dreaming about her Sesame Street Sing-along DVD? Elmo is holding her Care Bears hostage if she won't sing along? That would give me nightmares, that's for sure.


Elizabeth Channel said...

We're nightmare happy around this place so I feel your pain. Melatonin has helped Edward to a certain degree with his nightmares. And Sue occasionally gets them and I'll give her just 1/2 mg to help her sleep. They seem to run in our family. Does Danny get them?

mrsbear said...

Ha! At least she's coherent. My daughter used to wake up with wild night terrors, walking around the house and mumbling and staring in to space. It's pretty much gone away, but it used to scare the bejeesus out of me.

Quirky Mom said...

Maybe you should get that girl a piano and her nightmares will be spontaneously cured! Or not. Who knows.

Around here we've been busy with middle-of-the-night exterminator duty, so I'm feeling a little punchy.

Shellie said...

Next time (which hopefully won't happen) Sing something! I'm intrigued, what IS she dreaming?