Saturday, January 24, 2009

are they hyper or just exuberant?

I am one of the women in charge of the kids at church and we had one of our quarterly activities this morning. Truthfully, I wasn't completely looking forward to spending my entire morning with a bunch of kids, especially since my husband wasn't going to be able to attend and help out. Normally, I recruit him to help since Danny does tend to get overstimulated at these type of activities, and since I am one of three women in charge, it gets really tricky keeping Danny calm while also dealing with all the other kids. And as of November, Charlotte is 3 and is officially old enough to join in the kids' parties. So, I would definitely have my hands full.

As we all congregated in the Primary room awaiting instructions for the activities, a couple of the kids got really rambunctious. They were rolling around on the floor, making all kinds of weird noises and laughing at each other. They reminded me of two puppies, wrestling and climbing all over each other. They were making it really difficult for anyone to hear the directions. Luckily, all the other kids (minus these two hyperactive monkeys on crack) were pretty calm and respectful; they sat quietly and listened as best they could.

It really made me wonder about these two feral children (who happen to be siblings). I mean, what did their mother feed them for breakfast, an IV sugar drip with caffeine for extra boost? Why doesn't she teach them to sit still and respect their elders? Where in the name of everything that is holy do they get all that energy? Does she provide any structure or discipline at home at all? Or are they just allowed to run around and behave like neanderthals on speed? What happened to them to make them so weird and unmanageable?

I would call that mother and ask her these questions, only the mother happens to be me.

Yep. Me.

At one point, I muttered half to myself, "Why is it always my kids that are out of control at parties?" A friend of mine just smiled and said, "Because they really like to have fun."

I guess that is one way of looking at it.


Amy Jane said...


Wow, you really had me fooled, until you got to the punchline! But, guess what? I totally feel your pain, because Nick is like that, too. He would totally be the kid rolling around on the floor like some kind of Tasmanian devil, making me look bad. It's not your fault. You're not alone. :)


Quirky Mom said...

So what did you feed them for breakfast? LOL.

Apple's usually pretty hyper at any special events, so I know what you mean. I also know how it feels to wonder whether other parents are thinking those questions you mentioned. Glad that your friend had a nice way of looking at it. :)

Anonymous said...

You totally had me going there, Patty.

I wonder how they would have behaved had you not been there.

Some kids are just more active than others. I have always maintained that I like the active ones. They make life more interesting.

Kia (Good Enough Mama) said...

I simply think we have the kids we have to keep us humble and honest. I swear this is it. Before I had Little Man, I would have been critical of "moms like you" (please know this IS NOT the case now) and especially of "moms like me." Now that I HAVE Little Man? I am so much more insightful as to what other moms are going through and I realize that we ALL have our struggles. If I'd had an "easy" child, I never would have learned this.

Just be glad that they were enjoying themselves! :)

~ April ~ said...

You totally got me as well! I was thinking "gee, she's pretty pretty hard on that mother. remind me never to take my kids around her...", but then I realized that our kids would get along *just* swell!! :D

Elizabeth Channel said...

That was had me going for about 15 seconds...and then I was like "wait a minute!" I would have been right there with ya!

Anonymous said...

I usually ask why are kids always the one to break and spill stuff at a party. :)

lonestar said...

ROFL, I was sitting here thinking "when did she meet my kids?" haha Oh yeah, they are always the ones being loud and rambunctious wherever we go, whether it's a party or not. I'm sure that's exactly what people think of our parenting skills too... but I like your friend's explanation, they just like to have fun :). Great post!