Sunday, March 8, 2009

false alarm.....and other stuff

It has been drawn to my attention that my previous blog post title was misleading. Sorry about that! It never occurred to me that people would read it and think I was in labor. I wasn't trying to trick anyone--that would take some clever thinking, which I am just not capable of right now. I can barely think at all as it is. When I do go into labor, I will probably not be anywhere near my computer, but will have Bil post after the baby is here. I'm thinking at that point, I will be even less coherent than I am now, so blog posts, I am assuming, will be few and far between for a while.

Maybe it is the aftermath of our ER scare this week, but I have been feeling very grateful for my kids and how much they make me laugh and smile.

**Yesterday when I was using the bathroom, I glanced at the wall by the tub and noticed that Danny had written something there. I bought the kids bath markers a while back in an attempt to get Charlotte more in the mood for baths. They love the markers and have written all over the walls. The marker ink drips a lot, so the wall looks really grisly and garish, as if the words were written in blood. The word that Danny had written was "Subway" with the "s" backwards. I think we have been eating out a bit too much this week.

**The other day when I asked Charlotte for a hug, she said "sure" and as she was hugging me, she said really sincerely, "Mommy, I am really proud of you."

**This afternoon while Bil and I were vegging on the couch the kids came into the family room sporting really interesting footwear. Danny was wearing my foot brace (the one I have to wear now, along with my orthotics because of my plantar fasciitis) and Charlotte was tripping around in Bil's shoes.

**This morning Charlotte, as usual, woke up before Danny. She ate her breakfast and played a bit. Then, she decided it was time to wake up Danny, so she went into his room and climbed into his bed. The problem was, he was actually sleeping in my and Bil's bed. Charlotte spent a good 5 minutes in his bed looking frantically for him under pillows and blankets. She refused to believe me that he wasn't there, and kept crying out, "Danny, where are you?"

**When Charlotte got home from the hospital the other day, Danny was so happy they actually hugged for several seconds. Charlotte even stroked Danny's hair in a very maternal way. They then spent the next hour playing with the balloons that Danny had picked out for Charlotte.

**This morning Charlotte came up to me and said she wanted to kiss the baby. She then kissed my belly. Later she covered my stomach in zerberts.


mrsbear said...

I love it when the kids are affectionate toward one another, it just melts me. It's amazing how easily they can take you from being overwhelmed with crazy to being overwhelmed with love. ;) Also nice header makeover. Perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Amy Jane said...

Patty, -

Thanks for sharing those tidbits with your readers. I loved reading them! Just a reminder - try to have the baby on March 16, so he and Nick can share a birthday. :) No pressure!

Elizabeth Channel said...

I was looking back at old pictures of my two with their newborn sister and there is nothing like it! It was be such a joy when you have all three together!

Kia (Good Enough Mama) said...

"Later she covered my stomach in zerberts. " I love this! Totally a sibling-like thing, huH?

Oh, and I love that she is proud of you. Awesome!

Kim said...

aren't those the best mommy moments?