Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh baby! an update

I went to the doctor Wednesday and discussed some options with my ob/gyn. Apparently, although I am at my due date, my cervix is not cooperating, which isn't much of a surprise since it didn't cooperate with the other two kids either. Since I needed some form of induction with both Danny (I was finally given pitocin after 18 hours of labor) and Charlotte (they gave me prostaglandin gel in my cervix since my water broke, but I didn't start labor) the doctor says I will likely need some help with this baby as well.

As this is the case, he gave me the option of coming in to the hospital this weekend and being induced. And I jumped at that like a dieter snatching a proffered donut. I am pretty convinced that even if I wait a week beyond my due date, I will still have to be put on pitocin, but this way, I could arrange babysitting and all that. Plus, I am so impatient to meet this little guy and frankly, I feel like the skin on my abdomen is about to burst, so I don't see how he can grow anymore without splitting me open like a really overripe watermelon.

So, I will be going in at midnight tonight and will hopefully have the baby by tomorrow morning. The doctor said I should be able to sleep tonight and then they will turn up the pitocin tomorrow to get the labor really going. Of course, that is what he said when he gave me the prostaglandin for Charlotte. He thought I would have hours to sleep before labor really got underway; many women still need pitocin after the prostaglandin. Instead, Charlotte was born within three hours. So, we shall see.

I am really, really excited and totally, completely nervous. I vacillate between euphoria and terror, with a couple of hormonal crying jags thrown in when I thought Bil wasn't being supportive enough. Poor Bil. I think I want him to seriously pamper me, worship me, and indulge my every whim. I sort of think I deserve it, though, right? I mean, without me, he would not have the beautiful kids he has, and besides dealing with me and my moods (which is no small feat, I'll admit) he didn't have to do a whole lot that wasn't pleasant.

I think I resent the fact that he gets off relatively unscathed, while I will be in scathed in ways he can't even imagine, both physically and dignity-wise.... For those of you who have not been through labor and delivery, suffice it to say, that all your dignity flies out the window as soon as it all starts. You lose control of everything: bodily functions, your sanity, even what comes out of your mouth. It is like you become a completely different person who is leaking all kinds of alien substances and who is practically homicidal. Well, at least that's how it is for me. OK, maybe that is a touch extreme....but not too much!


Jackie said...

Good luck Patty! Aren't you so glad that you live in a day and age when you can be induced like that? I was also induced with Aedan and I can't imagine having to wait it out well past my due date. My body didn't cooperate very well even after being on pitocin, thank heavens for epidurals :)

Can't wait to see the new little one! Hope all goes well tonite! I'll be thinking of you!

Amy Jane said...

Good luck, my friend! I'm so excited for you, and I wish you a quick, relatively easy labor. It's supposed to get easier every time, so here's hoping! :) We'll be in Springfield this weekend, so call my cell phone. I'll be with you in spirit.


beckbot said...

Hooray for modern medicine! Prayers and much love coming your way, Patty. Hoping it goes well and FAST.

HeatherPride said...

Good luck tonight!!! Here's hoping for smooth sailing! Can't wait to see the little guy!

Quirky Mom said...

Sending you easy labor/healthy baby and mom vibes! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

mrsbear said...

Aaaah! How exciting. Wishing you a speedy pain free delivery (ha) and a beautiful healthy baby and a speedy recovery. You're absolutely right about dignity and modesty being tossed out of the delivery room, it's almost too much to handle, except we do and then we do it again and again. Good luck tonight!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Will be thinking of you!!! How exciting! I needed pitocin with both of mine too. First labor was 30 hours even with it. Not fun. Can't wait to hear the good news!!