Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Mumbers--3 weeks postpartum

3   The number of months pregnant I now look.  Whoopee!  I am making progress.  At this rate, I will only look chunky next week, not pregnant at all.  Major accomplishment.

35  The number of times in the last two days I have cursed my idea of starting my diet this weekend.

22 Accidents Charlotte has had since Saturday when we decided to go ahead and let her wear underpants.  The potty training is not going very well.  Story of my life.

$2,179  this is how much my epidural cost.  Can you believe it?  It might have been worth it, had it actually worked!  I keep wondering if I can get a discount.  Since the anesthesia only numbed half of my body, I don't think I should actually have to pay full price.  Furthermore, since it completely stopped working about an hour before Tommy was born, I really think we deserve at least 75% off.  Think the hospital will go for this logic?

5 number of times I have regretted my choice of careers since I got the anesthsia statement. Why did I never even consider med school?  The anesthesiologist has a really cush job that pays extremely well.  I mean, he comes in, sticks me with a needle and spends about 15 minutes in my room.  For this he charges me over $2,000?  And you apparently don't even have to be very good at your job in this field, since I get no discount for an incomplete epidural.  If only I had applied myself more in Biology class instead of spending all my time reading Shakespeare.  I mean, really, studying literature hasn't done a whole lot for my bank account.

21.7  The number of meltdowns Danny has had since we brought Tommy home.  He has been having an extremely difficult time with transitions and with the upheaval in his normal routine.  He has regressed a bit in his ability to be flexible.

1  The number of times we have actually done therapy with Danny in the last month or so.  I feel so guilty about this, but man, has it been difficult to just get the essential things done, like feeding everyone and cleaning up all their excrement.  I know therapy is essential, too, but it is a lot easier to put therapy exercises off than, say, cleaning up a poop explosion.  Plus, Bil is working a different shift this month to get trained on a new line so he doesn't get home until after 8 pm, which means I have to take care of feeding all the kids and getting them to bed all by myself.  I don't know about you, but the hours between 4 and 8pm feel like they last 64 hours.  Let's just say, I am not at my most patient and nurturing self at the end of the day, which is why it is always such a relief when Bil walks through the door and can provide some assistance.  

Now that I have a newborn and am totally sleep-deprived?  Yeah, not such a good time to go a whole month with no assistance in the evenings.

83 Number of times my mother cooed about what a great baby Tommy is while she was visiting.  And she's right, he is actually an easy baby, especially compared to my other two sweethearts.  But, I now fear my mother may have jinxed me because Tommy has been fussy today.  Sure, as soon as ma leaves, he gets fussy.  He is already in on the conspiracy with my other two angels.

16 The number of times I have had to step away from the computer while composing this post to pick up Tommy or fetch yet another snack for Charlotte.  The girl is voracious, but come to think of it, maybe this is why she never finishes her dinner.  Hmmmm....

675 Number of mint Three Musketeer bars I have eaten in the last month.  They were the mini bars, if that makes a difference.  I am addicted.

1 Number of near nervous breakdowns I have had this week.  Have I mentioned that Bil doesn't get home until after 8pm?  Yeah?  Well, it bears repeating and it had a lot to do with my almost breakdown, if you ask me.

20 The number of grams of fiber I have inadvertently consumed today.  I forgot the oatmeal my mom brought has 10 grams of fiber and I went ahead and ate a Fiber One bar before lunch.  I hope I don't end up regretting this.

OK, have to go comfort Tommy again.  You jinxed me, mom, so I think to make amends you need to come back and help me the rest of the month.....


mrsbear said...

Okay, by the end of the day all bets are off. Around here, the hours between dinner and bed time turn me in to a raving, bleary eyed lunatic. You with the newborn, the potty trainee, and the still adjusting oldest brother, are excused. The occasional breakdown is to be expected, have a mini musketeer or 20, you earned are after all only three months pregnant. ;)

kia (good enough mama) said...

DOn't nix the fibre, baby. It's nature's laxative! Bring it on!!

Sorry about the potty training. Sounds brutal.

oh, and your numbers on the cost of your epidural? Remind me that I'm lucky to live in Canada. Wow!

Amy Jane said...

But, Patty, 20 grams of fiber is GOOD! In fact, you should be shooting for 25-30 each day. That will certainly help with your weight-loss (not to mention regularity). :)

Elizabeth Channel said...

I have many thoughts about all this. It's too hard to potty train while you have a new, newborn. Just too much going on. Give yourself a break. Thought two involves Danny. If dealing with a newborn and a potty training sister isn't therapy for SPD, I don't know what is. What with the wailing and the busy mommy? That's therapy in and of itself.

Fiber is good.

That's all I can, or should, say.

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing about the fiber! lol
So later today you'll find yourself sitting on the toilet holding the baby and yelling to your daughter to hold on and you'll get her a snack in a minute! LOL

Good luck! :)

beckbot said...

You are not the only raving lunatic between 4 and 8 pm. I should mention here that that is really the only time my kids are home (after school) so what's my excuse? (Besides packing up the whole house, painting it, and moving in the space of 5 weeks...) Isn't motherhood grand? I hope my kids will forgive me some day and put me away in some nice condo in Thailand.

~ April ~ said...

I'm so far behind on keeping up with my bloggy friends. I have yet to say congrats! So... CONGRATS!

((HUGS)) I totally understand your stress. DH went back to work 4 days after Oliver was born. So I was home alone with a newborn, just-turned 22yo, and a 3yo. And he left the house at 5am, and didn't get home until almost 9pm. I'm surprised I'm not locked in a padded room right now. You can do this, though.

~ April ~ said...

Ugh, that should read "just-turned 2yo" :P