Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Mumbers--Spring Break Edition

What did I ever do before the infinitely funny and creative Kia came up with this whole Monday Mumbers idea?  Here are this week's stats:

5 the number of times I have unsuccessfully tried to upload the high-tech button that Kia made especially for Monday Mumbers.  I guess you will just have to visit her blog to see it in all its cyber beauty.  

2 number of rooms we have painted in our house in the last two weeks.  We did a Pixar Cars theme in Danny's room and it looks really cute. In a fit of creative genius, Bil painted Danny's dinosaur coat rack to look like the Dinoco logo.  It looks awesome.  

52 number of times I whined to Bil this weekend, "I'm booooooored, Bil.  I want to do something fun"  and "I am sooooo sick of being in the house."  I have mostly stayed home the last month to protect Tommy from all those germy people out there, but I am really getting tired of these four walls, however beautifully painted they may be.  Someone please come visit me!!!!

12 hours I spent on Facebook.  I finally acquiesed and joined Facebook despite my previous resistance.  I have nothing against the site; I just don't really need yet another way to waste my time online.  And as evidenced by the number of hours I spent online, I get sucked into this type of thing way too easily.

4 number of people on Facebook who have requested my friendship, though I barely know them.  One of the guys I actually had to sit and think about for several minutes before I could figure out who he is.  Of course, I accepted their bid for my friendship, because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  How dumb is that?

1 number of cool chats I had online last night with my long-lost college roomie.  The one who dated my twin brother.

45 number of minutes I spent doing aerobics this morning, and it is only 9:30 am.  Yay, me!

67 number of times I tripped over Danny or Charlotte while I exercised.  It seems that they also thought doing some aerobicizing was a fabulous idea and they decided to join me.  During the whole 10 minutes that they lasted, Danny kept yelling things like, "You're doing it, mommy!  Way to go.  One more time!"  I felt like I was back at Bally's Total Fitness with Bambi the extra perky instructor.  It did make me laugh, though, and that is kind of an ab workout, right? 

4 the number of weeks since I have gotten more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep. 

8 the number of consecutive hours of sleep my husband got Saturday night.  How?  Well, in my infinite compassion and charity, I told Bil to sleep on the couch and volunteered to get up through the night with Tommy.  If I were still Catholic, surely this would guarantee my canonization after my death, right?  I am one sainted wife.  And I have only once prompted him to express his undying gratitude for the sleep.

670 number of calories consumed in the form of Easter candy.

1 number of times I have been fired in my life.  It happened this week when Danny went all Donald Trump on me and said, "Mommy, you're fired!"  Don't worry, he quickly rehired me when he realized Daddy would be my replacement.  Something about me baking more treats than Bil....

52 number of times I have looked at my blog header and been reminded of a garish romance novel cover.  It may be time to change.  Any suggestions for a replacement?


kia (good enough mama) said...

600 calories of easter candy? that's not too bad, actually. :)

HeatherPride said...

So I guess I won't comment about how your daisies look so refreshingly springlike? about...I hate perky aerobics instructors named Bambi too!

carrie c. said...

would love to come visit with you again soon. i loved visiting with you. just let me know when. and come back to playgroup soon. plus, i need advise on raising 3. i am so nervous. call anytime if you need some company or just want to chat.

mrsbear said...

Your header isn't bad, at least Fabio isn't on it looking windswept and breathless. Way to go on the exercise, the candy calories...not so much. ;)

Amy Jane said...


I just love you. I simply cannot get enough of you. You rule! You know, I accepted a lot of FB friends that I barely knew and didn't care about, so I recently went through and deleted about 25 people. Harsh, maybe, but I didn't need all that clutter! :)

We need to see a picture of that coat rack! Sounds awesome...

I sure wish I could come visit you and alleviate your boredom.


Anonymous said...

I (heart) facebook!
We should be friends. lol


Elizabeth Channel said...

I am simply too tired to comment anything remotely interesting since I, too, only got four hours last night...with two children in the vertical to me and kicking my side all night. I don't know how you do it week after week after week and still write coherently and do all that jazzercize and all!

You are amazing!