Wednesday, April 8, 2009

stark, raving, screaming mad

So, I may have mentioned  a few (hundred) times that Bil is working a new shift this month, which gets him home around 8:30.  I may have also mentioned that this has done a number on my energy levels, not to mention my sanity.  And the kids must sense that I am in a weakened state, because boy, are they manipulating it.

Last night, when I put the two older ones to bed, Charlotte, in her typical fashion, kept asking for a drink or a kiss.  She then escalated it and started coming out of her room despite my warnings.  She got a bit of a spanking on her diaper, which set her off screaming.  And screaming.  And screaming.  She continued to leave her room and I would calmly escort her back in.  Which set off more screaming and wailing.  She finally said she wanted to sleep in the other room (her old bedroom) so I put her in her old crib.  This made her scream more, despite the fact that she told me to put her in there.  So, we came back to her and Danny's room where more screaming ensued.

After much wailing, Danny started getting upset.  Even without his sensory issues, I could see how Charlotte's screams could bother him. They were seriously driving me crazy.  All I could think of was how I could escape this madhouse, but of course, Bil was not yet home.  In hindsight, having Danny and Char share a room may not have been the best idea. I was sitting at the kitchen table when it all got totally out of hand.  Danny started screaming because of Charlotte's screaming, which made her scream all the harder.  She actually had the nerve to scream, "Danny, stop screaming!!!"

I waited a bit thinking naively that surely they would scream themselves to sleep.  (And let me be clear here, they were not crying, they were literally screaming.)  Well, apparently, they both have much more stamina and stronger vocal chords than I gave them credit for.

What was much stranger and more disconcerting than all the screaming, though, was my reaction to it.  As I stood in the doorway trying to figure out how to stop all the shrieking, I started laughing.  Hysterically.  I couldn't stop.  Seriously, I laughed for a good few minutes, while my kids kept yelling and sobbing about all the screaming.  I just totally lost it and laughed and laughed at the madness that is my life.

So, I had been thinking that Charlotte was stark, raving mad, but now I am beginning to think that really, I am the crazy one.


Amy Jane said...

Frankly, I think that your reaction was spot on! What else can you do but just laugh at that point? :) I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it lately, Patty. This, too, shall pass. Love you!

Amy Jane said...


I'm not really into the whole "character bedding" thing, so I just found Nick a bed in a bag from JCPenney that has nice colors. The comforter has horizontal stripes and has a couple shades of blue, white, and a grassy green. The sheets are mainly green with a blue stripe, and the dust ruffle has a hard-to-describe pattern in the same colors (the comforter reverses to the same pattern). It's sufficiently "boyish," and goes with what's already in his room, and the price was right! :)

kia (good enough mama) said...

You're not crazy. You're just a mom. I think your hysterical laughter was probably just what the doc ordered. And by doc, I don't mean shrink. ;)

Anonymous said...

We will cart you off when your standing in the corner:)

mrsbear said...

We're all mad down here. I think we've all suffered the hysterical laughter at one point or another, same with the crying jags. We recover. Sounds like an absolutely insane moment, what can you do but laugh? If you didn't diffuse the moment with some lunatic cackles, you might have been running from your house barefoot and mumbling to yourself. You held it together. Good show. ;)

Anonymous said...

We're all a little crazy...and it's all our offspring's fault!

Elizabeth Channel said...

I've taken to wearing headphones to block out the screaming. Perhaps you should, too, although it sounds like you are handling it quite well!