Friday, May 15, 2009

belated monday mumbers--a tribute to Kia

Elizabeth over at Three Channels had an excellent idea for this week's Monday Mumbers.  I know I am almost a week late on this one, but I had a pretty hectic week what with fruitless attempts to potty train Charlotte, parent teacher conferences (more on this later), a service project I was in charge of at church, etc.  

OK, so Elizabeth's idea was to do a Monday Mumbers totally dedicated to Kia of Good Enough Mama, the blogger who not only invented Monday Mumbers, but who has touched many of our lives here in the blogiverse.  So, even though at this moment Kia is sunning herself in Florida and I am insanely jealous, I am joining Elizabeth in her Kia Love Fest.  Please join me, all those of you who know Kia, and let her know how much we miss her!

11 About the number of months I have followed Kia's blog.

23,089,671,234,567  Approximate number of times I have laughed out loud while reading Kia's blog.

53,970,234  Number of times I have wished I was as funny a writer as Kia.

2,459,000,356  Number of times I have wished longingly that Kia lived down the block from me.  I just know I would be at her house like every day in pursuit of great conversation, validation, lots of good laughs, and genuine friendship.  I promised her I would bring all the chocolate and baked goods, but so far she has decided to stay in Canada, perhaps due in no small part to the fear that I would become her stalker.

3 Number of three awesome packages I have received from Kia.  Two of the packages were my winnings from her really fun contests.  Until Kia started blogging, I had never won much of anything.  The third package was a gift for my baby.  I was so touched that she would actually send a beautiful little baby outfit to me, someone she has never officially met!  

520,907 Number of times Kia has personally reassured me and comforted me about some parenting issue I was dealing with.   She never fails to make me feel better and to know exactly the right thing to say.

709,304,567 Number of times I have felt admiration well up inside of me at all that she does every day.  Her patience with Little Man is astounding, but it is that she deals with not just a son with SPD and OCD, but also a husband with OCD as well, that totally floors me.  Can you imagine????  I can barely handle it when my husband has strep throat, and even then I often take care of him very begrudgingly.

523 Number of times I have thought of LM when I have seen a worm.  Don't worry, Kia, I am still working on my idea of raising and training therapy worms!

30 Number of times I have checked Kia's blog this week knowing that she is out of town.  I enjoy her blog so much, I was hoping she might have somehow posted this week and I didn't want to miss it if she had.

12 Number of times I have told my husband about Kia and have made him read one of her posts.  Kia is a household word around these parts!  Well, at least in the Pancake house.

??? Number of people she has educated about kids with special needs, especially SPD and OCD. Not only has she explained about the specific disorders, but she has described quite astutely what life is like parenting these kids.   I don't know what this number is, but I know it is a big one.

If you have never read Kia's blog, you should totally check her out.  You won't regret it and you too will soon be lobbying for her to move to your block. 


a Tonggu Momma said...

I love Kia, too. That lady is laugh-out-loud funny.

Anonymous said...

I second your motion!
Kia=best blogger EVER.

Casdok said...

Great tribute!

Elizabeth Channel said...

So glad you joined me! I agree with everything you said!