Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

**Why is it that when you bring your own save-the-earth-canvas bags to Wal-Mart, the cashiers always seem to cram as much as humanly possible into one bag, but when they use those environment-destroying plastic bags, they put two apples and a box of pudding into one and call it good? I swear every time I leave that place with my own bags, they are practically bursting at the seams, and now a couple of my bags are ripping.

**The other day as I was chasing her, Charlotte shrieked, "You can't catch-up me!"

**My family visited this weekend to attend Tommy's baby blessing at church. During that time, Charlotte stripped at least three times in front of various family members after having peed all over herself each time. Danny offended my new sister-in-law by picking his nose and eating his findings. At the dinner table. Tommy peed all over my other sister-in-law and spit up on me, Bil, and my mom. Oh, and Danny pulled off his pants in the front yard because he needed to go to the bathroom, and this happened in full view of my neighbors who were at that moment pulling into their driveway.

No one can say that life at the Pancake house is boring, especially if one tends to like bathroom humor.

**Sadly, this is all I can think of to say in this post. I seem to be suffering from writer's block. Perhaps the lack of sleep these last 2.5 months is finally catching up to me.


Mrsbear said...

Ah, fun with body fluids. Entertainment in and of itself. Have I mentioned my lack of interest in potty training my youngest? I always forget my reusable bags when I go to the grocery store, but it irritates the heck out of me when they overfill my plastics, especially when they double knot the top of them and the only way I can get to my groceries is by gnawing my way through the bag...Okay, I use a knife. ;)

Sarah said...

Jack recently stripped in the yard also. He and dog happened to roll in some kind of fecal matter---I'm thinking rabbit. Of course no one wants to smell like crap, so Jack took it all off.

And I totally concur about the re-usable bags. The check out people here pack them so damn tight that I swear I am going to get hernia picking them up. This green thing is not working out well for me.

lonestar said...

LOL, Cuddlebug likes to eat his discoveries too (eww). I haven't seen him do it lately, not sure if he stopped or if he just finally figured out to at least do it out of sight...

Anonymous said...

My boys spent 2 entire summers mostly stripped naked. On the upside, it helped with potty training. On the downside, poor Uncle Craig (dh's bro) never knew what to expect when he came to our house.

Kids are soooooo fun?!?