Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monday Mumbers--I promise there's no poop in this one!

5:30 AM The time that I have agreed to meet my friend everyday to exercise. Are we crazy or what? We are doing the Couch Potato to 5K training program and just started. And as we both have a passel of kids each, 5:30 in the morning is the only time we can run/walk without any kids attached to our hips. If this doesn't help us both shed the unwanted pounds then nothing will. D promises me that in 2 months I will be able to jog a 5K without stopping. As of right now, I can jog about 90 seconds without stopping. This must be some kind of miracle training program.

1 Number of times Danny has helped me this week with our garden. He was a great little helper and pulled a bunch of weeds. After weeding, I told Danny that he could help me pick some basil, but that he should wait until I retrieved a bowl from the kitchen. In an attempt to be super helpful, he uprooted the entire plant and brought it to me. Apparently, he didn't realize that picking basil is entirely different from picking weeds. Luckily, we managed to replant the basil with little harm to the plant.

32 Number of popsicles I have made this weekend. My kids LOVE popsicles, but I have been trying to eliminate as many artificial colors from their diet as possible. Some of them seem to make Danny super hyper (as was made abundantly clear this weekend after Bil bought a bag of cheese curls. Danny has been bouncing off the wall, and if there is one characteristic that I would most preferNOT to amplify in my son's personality, it is his excessive energy.) I found some really cheap popsicle molds at Wal-Mart and we have been making them with fruit juice. The kids can't get enough of them and have no idea that they are a bit healthier than the colored frozen sugar water they used to get.

1 The number of times Charlotte actually went pee on the toilet this weekend.

54 The number of accidents Charlotte has had this weekend. On the bright side, at least one of the accidents happened right in front of the toilet while she was attempting to pull down her pants. I think she is finally figuring out what we expect of her and any little progress is enough to brighten my day.

Everyone reassures me that my kids will be potty trained before grade school, that no kid goes to high school still in a diaper. As true as that probably is in most cases, I still have my doubts. I'm beginning to wonder if Tommy will be the first fully trained Pancake kid.

2 Number of baby bottles I have lost in the last month. It's not too big of a deal except that I wonder where I left these dirty bottles. Will friends of mine find some random, probably moldy bottle in a few weeks and wonder where it came from?

That actually happened to me once. I came upon an old bottle of Danny's when he was a baby that had slid under our couch. It had to have been under there for weeks, maybe longer and the residue of formula was all moldy. I know this makes me sound like the worst housekeeper ever, but really I am not that bad, typically. Under normal circumstances the only mold in my house can be found in my refrigerator (no matter how often I clean it out, which if I am honest, is not all that often, I still find some random container of moldy ricotta cheese or a liquefied bell pepper I have forgotten about). OK, actually, in the interest of full disclosure, maybe I should admit that I have found mold in other places just this week. Someone in my house put a wet towel all crumpled up in the bottom of Charlotte's laundry basket and piled clothes on top. With all the heat and humidity, the clothes in her basket got all moldy.

So, I guess I really am a pretty crummy housekeeper. But, I can still quote a couple of Shakespeare sonnets and can spell most words easily, so I don't need to base my self-esteem on how clean my house is, right? Sigh. If only quoting Shakespeare actually helped me in my duties as hausfrau. Or helped me earn some money. Or even really entertained anyone besides me and a few of my more nerdy friends. Well, if nothing else, surely I can use this talent to someday embarrass my kids in front of their friends, right?


Anonymous said...

Housecleaning is a bore. :) That is always my excuse.

Kelly said...

Jason is doing the Couch to 5K program and I'm thinking of starting it myself once I get some decent shoes. We'll see...

How many is a "passel"? Hee. I love that word.

Sarah said...

Moldy cups are famous in this house. In my attempt to stay green, I scrape the curds out and make cheese out of them---I know, I am amazing!

Denise said...

my favorite quote hanging in my mom's house is "dull women have immaculate houses"

so there!

YOU are not ANY stretch of the word (tee hee) -- Shakespeare and all your nerdy quirks!

And will be running 3 miles before you know it!

Mrsbear said...

Please, I can't even count the number of times I've unwittingly discovered a moldy bottle behind some piece of furniture or another. I'm sure eventually your lost bottles will rear their ugly heads.

And seriously, 5:30 am?! How do you find the motivation to exercise at that hour. I can't even push myself out of bed that early unless there's a child screaming bloody murder in the next room, and then only because they're mine and I don't have an option. ;)

Elizabeth Channel said...

Over-educated charwoman are not known for their's a compliment to be sure...